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  1. Username: Kyle zell Age: 24 Country: USA Any previous staff experience: Yes How long have you been playing Roat Pkz: 5+ years How long do you play Roat Pkz daily for: 2-5 hours Why should we consider you as Server Support: I'm an active OG
  2. IGN: kyle zell Age: 22 Reason for joining: DIVINE SPLIT BABY Estimated time spent with us: 10minutes Will you be active on discord?: yes I can be Have you read #nlh-guidelines(discord channel)?: done. Have you read #return-sets(discord channel)?: done.
  3. I was thrown into the jail on my account "kyle_zell" because i was telling a story on how i was getting pussy tommorw. I was telling a story to many people keeping the community active and alive and for that i get thrown into jail and turned into a slave. i refuse to mine 75 ore and im going to protest. If you do not unjail me this is just one less player for you. like that it bullshit that i cant even tell a story. i was not mean to anyone i was simply explaing a story. Nor was i spamming. Like thats straight bullshit. i have witnesses. get me out of the hell hole i didnt do anything wrong. im a good person. please help me :'( supporters who help me get unjailed will be rewarded with 50 pkpea immediately after my release. #freekyle2016 revolution has begun.
  4. I agree i run from people who wear this gear
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