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  1. Ayy good stuff bro. Mad specs in tjere! Keep it up
  2. True, looking back on it, people will be thinking "Why does it say Maxing when he's hitting like 70hp combos" but yeah the exp drops were mad. Thanks tho
  3. Thank you and yeah you should. It's real good fun when you get the hang of it.
  4. Yo just a video I uploaded because I was bored. Clips are from just over a month ago but oh well. Also the guy I was fcing towards the end was rushing, just putting that out there. I know there's not much variety as it's just d bow and nhing, I'll try switch things up next time, if I start playing again. Just a bit busy with exams recently that's all. Give it a like and subscribe if you can, would be appreciated but if not idrc xD. Thanks -Ahmar
  5. Nice, what programmes do you use?
  6. Damn that's hella good. Hm was it?
  7. i came in 2014 lel not that old compared to some of you but im quite 0ld compared to u all
  8. Speedsmasher


    So are you just stepping down or quitting as well? Either way, even though I didn't really know you, peace and good luck with life. Tbh I might just remember you every time I see "1/5 blackmarks" because I'm pretty sure you're the one that gave me it haha, but it's OK I probably deserved it lmao. Cya around sometime in the future though and good luck with your business and future endeavours!
  9. LOOL fam logging into Speedsmasher first time in months felt so good, and even better when likkle man got slapped to me in spawnable basics ft. Fcape and blessed ss. Well gf lads more loot and kdr for us ty for fights.
  10. lmao already dying what else happened
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