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  1. Dodo

    first day back

    My brother. Still handling things
  2. Dodo

    king lee r n g

    Nigga I specd a 0 on your 60hp
  3. Dodo

    New Hybrid Zone

    Outside of castlewars
  4. Dodo

    Why Yoobs was demoted

    I remember this lmao. Man didn't care
  5. Dodo

    craig ft bart 25m+

    Good work Bart
  6. Dodo

    swedish verbalist smoked

    Conspiracy after conspiracy, and yet you lot will never best us. Stick to your true calling and play poptropica weird nigga And on top of that, you said you had access to an anti drag script. Which clearly means you were using one during the fights. And Smokey logged in for the first time in nearly 6 months, how would he get access to one? Re-evaluate your life
  7. Dodo

    short tribrid video

    Well atleast you and snow have something in common then.
  8. Dodo

    short tribrid video

    Geeez fam. That's quality work. Looking forward to the video on Christmas. Issa gang ting
  9. Dodo

    King Keytracker search clan

    You didn't have beef with anyone in CV. Don't make up imaginary reasons lol
  10. Because kash is #1 and #4 duh
  11. Dodo

    roatpkz fuck around

    It's a gang thing
  12. Dodo

    Made progress

    You're still homeless
  13. Dodo


    Serious or?