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  1. Was bullying them too much fun lol
  2. Would've known I was at 5 hp and would've had an entire tick to glory though
  3. "1:0" ur corny It's 1.0 u unintelligent clown. A continuation wouldn't be 1:5 LMFAO anyway nice kills beenthru, a dc and:
  4. U gonna act like the fact the 41 and 21 happening on the same tick had no influence on me dying? 61 on prayer (essentially) The way you just replied is as if the interaction was normal "claws to g maul" (no delay on the g maul!). Don't you think it would make ur stance more solid if u acted like something happened vs acting like it was normal?
  5. l000l no wonder these retards started ragging holy fuck
  6. Next time i catch u in my wild its going something like this prayer or not
  7. just watched lmfao gorillas guy always spazzing out when he dies as if its not common place at this point #LOL
  8. Kihfan55


    sharmota amk asm3
  9. Kihfan55


    craig is the #1 free agent legit some1 pick him up
  10. IDC , a lots of good pkers now ? Lel
  11. Kihfan55


    Good pker. Dno why renegades wouldnt accept ur app especially considering they need people to avoid closing
  12. This is actually what happened 4 members on the kill 1 was trying to get a tb off on one of their members
  13. u cant say im 25 just cause ur 15 pm when uve had ur 1st nut sir nhahahahaha calling people nerds meanwhile uve spent the most time online x2 of anyone in the last year lol get urself fixed awkward freak
  14. Jeez mad pics @Killbob bo3 in front of whole server?
  15. New client pls, Renegades pk pls
  16. I also explained what I'd like to discuss Poltics aren't very broad for people 15-25 but if anyone were to go in depth on things not many people know about and people are interested, they'd go research it more. All that most people on here would say is why they like/dislike Trump/French election and other things very public. Edit: Also we could probably generate more forum activity if we got more people wanting to share their opinion on sensitive subjects. I made a thread about the Manchester bombing but I didn't feel like I had a platform to express how I felt and how it effected me. I think something like this could definitely let people feel like their opinion will be heard about non-RS related things
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