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  1. we're all better than u tho peppii
  2. a new leaf? u wish pussio, u decided to speak up against #stroopwafel u will pay the ultimate price
  3. fam he specifically said the word 'gamemode'. Gamemode implies a different variation of 1 game which has been done on hundreds of servers. It's basically like when you log into a server that has a feature like "x50 xp on combat, x25xp on skills" - option 1 "x45 xp on combat, x30xp on skills" - option 2 Roatpkz would have the option: "Normal gamemode" - option 1 (What he's describing) "Spawn" - option 2 (what we have now) It's a good alternative for people who like to skill, especially if symbols can be implemented to denote these people so they have a reason to do it
  4. MY M'F NIGGA. NOT BLOCKED IN THE USA BCUS NAS AND BCUS TUMM GOAT I really can't tell if this is actually u though even with the hypercam 0 fps bcus i dont believe u would play again. u dont look rusty at all if it is u thats y its weird l0l
  5. U forgot castials water cape c staff 3 way to dfs ....
  6. Decorative rune kites don't have stats. Codes are 8000-9000 idk the exact #'s
  7. Fraps even makes Lee look like a good switcher rofl!!
  8. I have no clue how you all know about this lure. Maybe it's because I don't approach the wild with valuables (or have valuables -.-!!) but how is it that known?? I think some of you LOT are gassing considering this is a roatpkz only glitch and it's not like I've ever seen anyone reported for it or it announced before in 2 years LOL
  9. 700k? U literally will never find some1 lol Yesterday they were 300k, today theyre obviously going to be less
  10. Yoobs u realize its 27/09/15 (in 4nland) nigga L O L. U had me confused bruv
  11. copying the kings song, retar pker, wizard 2 climbers switch (Gay + ugly) the only thing decent about this vid was the best pker making an appearance saving the day as usual
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