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  1. still gotta give a big +1 to this topic, good job demonic dan
  2. Hey i remember that time u tried to killurself over roatpkz cause ur idol @Kihfan55 wouldn't take u into hes team but alright dude. Also hows that whale doing irl, meeting at exiled white portal and actually becoming ur girlfriend
  3. like comment and subscribe brodars
  4. nice yo @Happyaku u slow nher brodar ;p nfs
  5. i was lying on skype im not banned LMFAO
  6. can't imagine anyone being so desperate to take lee in lmfao
  7. judging by the ammount of brews u had when they started to fallin on u, i guess they halfed u on teleup knowing they can perma tb u, legit pathetic freaks. @Gretar @Salad
  8. lol, gunit dies 500x a day pointless topic but ok
  9. not even flaming, getting too "Arabic" just stop making videos downie
  10. damn, some random team got a kill for max, news flash we have 600 of em fair play tho didnt even read or watch anything BTW PS: We saw some weird pet running in wilderness and we managed to see how to fuck that thing but when we done glven got mad and said ty for fucking my pet smokey L00000L? can anyone make sense of that
  11. thought id post it 2 this forum aswell since i posted it 2 every other ;/
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