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  1. Aiden

    favorite zoo animal?

    lmao i missed ur comments
  2. Aiden


    think ima start playing again. sup everyone
  3. Hi who are you, nbk was my clan a year ago with actual clan sigs and shit, imposter!! @Craig lmao smh these rookies time 2 make my return
  4. good clips bro liking it, good stuff from you x @Pedro gj on the slick editing
  5. Aiden


    good luck in life bro you do you, will miss you <3
  6. Nice video bro, some good clips
  7. bmt, keep up the grind bro good content
  8. how can a team try and pk deep but not bring lockpicks smh
  9. id rather put toothpicks under my toenails and kick a wall than watch more videos by you..smh
  10. was actually a rlly good video, should keep it up bud
  11. kind of confusing when people say "ez" when they freeze someone and run away, unless you're tanking a 6+ FI and a full with half decent prayer switches, nobodys ever gonna give a shit.
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