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  1. soon free ride that sentence my bro

  2. Over the last few weeks several things have happened that made PH look generally awful and embarassing, we have had an internal struggle over who makes decisions, with things coming to blows today when an Original Member was kicked/left. ParasHybridit as a team is being disbanded indefinitely, due to internal turmoil and issues. Unsure if another team will be created to replace it but for the time being it looks unlikely. The reign is over.
  3. Will be pmed the cc today, if you do well on the next 2 pk trips, will be given the ts info + trial rank in ts. Goodluck. Will be pmed the cc today, will see how good you perform on the next 2-3 pk trips, if good then will be given ts info + trial rank. Goodluck.
  4. Everyone come watch the kings on DMM
  5. Can a mod please remove Medusa and Schoolboy q from our member list? They haven't been a part of us for some time
  6. It was under our assumption that they were closed. That turned out not to be the case. Their leader (as per usual) was flaming us, claiming that we "hide" despite being the most active team on Roat by miles. Otf haven't pked since we opened, and as we continue to say this day in and day out, it just stands to reason that Otf's official closure is immonent Rules: Spawnables only, no untrades (no d def, rune pouch, f cape, etc) No pkp Super combats allowed Thanks for the fight OTF, hope our next fight is more of a challenge
  7. #PH for the fourth day of our rule over the wilderness had a mini trip, here's the results. This #SH puppet died twice in 15mins, one being to a half tb. Rag bot v1 sent packing One of our many fans, probably a #sh member And finally this clown for max Possibly available for matched member count SRI's tonight hit us up.
  8. Na. We tested you by tbing you to see how you would react and test your maturity level. Safe to say it didn't end well lol immediately began flaming us Nope
  9. The introduction to the video will get you the jist- But basically, we have been pking actively for the past 2 days, OTF decided to practically close once we opened. With the closure of "#sh" as of yesterday, it was our expectation that OTF would give us more fights, instead they have resorted to hiding. We expected Bear Head3 and to give us fights so please make this at least somewhat fun. Them discussing their inferior tactics (which is what I was referring to in the intro to the video): Pm 'Nissy' ingame, @Parashybridit on the forums, or any Parashybridit member ingame if you're interested in joining.
  10. After single luring She Rags baited by @Reign Of Taylor, it was a swift defeat for the Turkish Terror. Tanking as poorly as I have seen in many years. As a leader, you should be able to do better than that. Evidence below:
  11. Accepted as trial, pm'd ts info join now.
  12. Aceepted as A Trial member. PM'd Ts info and Skype name, join/add both.
  13. You will be discussed and contacted shortly, thanks for applying.
  14. Trial will begin tomorrow when we're on.
  15. Several days ago Meridian closed and we made a proposal to the entire server to drop beef and create two main clans to represent RoatPkz, with a more friendly and inviting system. That being said team EU and team NA were created and began recruiting. Since then we have realized that no one wants RoatPkz to have a good clanning system, despite how much you all talk about it. All any clan on RoatPkz cared about, was killing ANY Meridian member they could spot, and get as much attention from it as they possibly could. That being said, ParasHybridit is back Recruiting for limited time only, fill in the form below. Username: How long you've played: Can you provide yourself with your own items: Can you join a teamspeak We're back, watch out
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