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  1. @jblind IT'S ME BRO
  2. Oh thanks , But please contact @Gretar for me , to look my appeals bcuz everyone said only he can unban my acc, so I have to ask @Gretar but I can't contact him Come on staff-team.
  3. Playing like three years? and my acc got 4months ago banned How i can be a random, please explain me it Doesn't mean you have like 10M bank that you'll not a random smh Just please stfu I came here earlier than you.
  4. I'm not ipped or something , but i got more then a ban on it But i can log-in on other accounts But thanks for commenting -Tamer
  5. Hi guys I've appealed for my unmac account like three weeks ago? , And still no answer, and yes I've contacted Gretar in all the ways but still he didn't replied. I asked some staffs in-game to tell him and talk with me so i can know what i am getting to get Thanks
  6. =[ why not it's dead boring ass shit playing now on roatz.? pvp is boring none targets , emblems. more pkp ea kill? seeds to fp?
  7. Yeah that would be nice Also would be gr8 , if @Gretar adds MIthril seeds so we can fp? dice? New bosses.... "MORE PKP'' ea kill
  8. @Tom Uhh everyone is thanking you for gp? Would you then also throw me some gp up X.d Pce
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