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  1. Stop typing in black and dark blue.....there you go, i wasted your time @tinasjus
  2. @Gretar Great updates big G, you are a caring owner and your hard work will pay off, keep up the good work!
  3. You forgot to mention the combat level, cuz if someone was pure pking then decides to go and stake right after that, he will not stop talking about his 20 losing streak!
  4. You don't need any staff to recover your account, do it yourself, there is a forums'topic dedicated to this.
  5. You being sarcastic or? New client is close btw
  6. Idk, i just feel that the "lol" he said was sarcastic in a way.
  7. Goodluck guys, may the best video earn its owner some pkps!
  8. We learn from mistakes brother. <3
  9. I felt sad giving you a hook yesterday, what kind of disrespectful person are you? Look at the smiley i added, learn what they mean, thank you.
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