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  1. Can you speak english?: yes Can you use Discord?: yes What is your favourite alcoholic beverage? (skip if minor): Budweiser Have you seen the movie Shrek?: of course
  2. What's up everybody! im finally back for those of you who may know me played like 2 years ago and finally came back! great to see how well everyone's doing! dont plan on quitting again!
  3. yooo its skulled from os-scape trying to recover my account! hope I can play soon
  4. I will try that soon out doing some running atm. Thank you very much.
  5. Hi I'm looking for help. My client is stuck on loading and it's been that way for weeks now I know and followed all of the methods posted on forums delete client redownload client. Made sure to delete everything roat related client fixer etc. Which client fixer won't work either.. tried updating java to newest version which I already had. Tried downloading java jre doesn't work I'm in desperate need tired of playing on a laptop with no fkeys idk what else to try. It just says loading forever lol. Please help anyone like I said I followed pretty much every guide I could find for literally 2-3 weeks. And I have Windows 10. And it worked for around a year then suddenly did not. Thanks in advance!
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