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  1. Why you typing right to left like its arabic my a7e
  2. I spend my time on more valuable things such as watching YouTube videos
  3. Adam is in Canada fuckin opps up
  4. I saw this video. It was so messed up because it sums up what gangs do: dumb sh*t. There was also another documentary called the Central Park 5 where 5 teenagers were each sentenced to around 10-15 years jail sentence for “raping a women” and it wasn’t proven until they were almost done with their sentences. The worlds fucked, and chaotic. This just proves how gangster mentality just leads to innocent people dying.
  5. Elizathepat (2)


    Amazing dude. Really strong, and it also made me tear up a little. Respect bro.
  6. I mean if I had a chance to make $4000 in a few hours I’d take the money too. Sorry for your loss, at least he left you with 100m.
  7. Unnecessary, but a really good guide.
  8. Stop insults my culture ffs! ! !
  9. There was a kid west of jad, clearly you shouldn't be making this topic if you don't know the whole details. I don't even know sarah like that I just know that there should be some fuckin decency to listen to what someone else is saying and I know that everything that you're saying is 100% wrong, and just a pathetic effort to grab some sort of attention. Sorry I had to put it this way, but that's really how it is. Quit this bout and end the topic, you'll find nothing but Gretar laughing at you tomorrow.
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