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  1. You used the same clip twice. Other than that, nice video
  2. LOL. for the first picture it was fake asf, i accidently cut myself with a knife while reaching for the sausages in the kitchen with a knife in my hand. The second picture was like 1-2 years ago, me and smackd had a conversation about it. Clearly you think that you're in a power trip by this, but honestly ur just a weird redneck inbred fuck who plays rsps' and sends pictures of underage boys in public discord chats. Just because u have no friends doesn't mean you shouldn't go outside once in a while, buddy.
  3. Imagine killing roat pkz champion for money since LCC has everything locked down PM to join
  4. Why you typing right to left like its arabic my a7e
  5. I spend my time on more valuable things such as watching YouTube videos
  6. I saw this video. It was so messed up because it sums up what gangs do: dumb sh*t. There was also another documentary called the Central Park 5 where 5 teenagers were each sentenced to around 10-15 years jail sentence for “raping a women” and it wasn’t proven until they were almost done with their sentences. The worlds fucked, and chaotic. This just proves how gangster mentality just leads to innocent people dying.
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