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  1. Nice use of nitro blast.
  2. @Graphics Give me a PM I can give you some tips man ! Been doing photomanips for awhile now
  3. Could work on proportions but its nice.
  4. COMPLETED: Teh Prism https://i.imgsafe.org/232f14b147.png Lavish https://i.imgsafe.org/232f1c2c7c.png Matt https://i.imgsafe.org/232c8e4335.png Beez 1 https://i.imgsafe.org/2328349198.png Beez 2 https://i.imgsafe.org/232847ec33.png LOGO https://i.imgsafe.org/232c9dce53.png There are a few others I will share later.
  5. WillyArts


    pm me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Why did smackd teleport to me in the middle of a fight and tell me to get off someone at edge for ragging, after 2 mins of me trying to NH fight. No video no nothing. Just a pm to him from the other guy and he was right to me telling me off. That's not fair if that's the rules.
  7. If you look for excuses you're going to find them. Give it up. Fight the guy and get it over with. Stop bitching about this or that. Just do it. Its a Video Game.
  8. dont do it for free if u can make layouts like that !!!
  9. I believe there should be more interactive teleports for the Pking community such as ::champ and ::44s. If you are adding more pvp to the wildy then it would make sense to add teles to that too. The ones at home are good and all, But i think that most players will agree. Making these more accessible would open up the wildy to more players. Let me know what you think.
  10. Send this to my PM and your In-game username ! I can do this for you. Portfolio down below.
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