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  1. s p l i t


    Look guys i know im a cocksucker and u hate me but even though i rwt'ed gretar doesnt have to know like its just i was dumb im not gonna to it to me why are u snitches? if i see u on the street selling dope i dont snitch on u! man whats wrong with you i got some pkp on my accounts ill give u rsgp if you unban my acc or is what rwt to? anyway if u can unban me my name is "S P L I T" ill suck ur dick irl i swear to allah subhana wa taala inshallah for unban boys im gonna hook all of u!!
  2. s p l i t


    Did u try to redownload it?
  3. Update : http://imgur.com/iCNxddH
  4. managed to build up from 400 pkp http://imgur.com/2gztAIG
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