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  1. Hope her well and a safe recovery, hopefully nothing serious man, good luck my man!
  2. so when do you finally graduate high school?
  3. From the video, useless without a team so I don’t see the bother unless you get super lucky like Khalil did with 90 splashes of blood barrage or blood blitz whatever it was
  4. “GMC ln” add me, on for the next 2 hours otherwise don’t add me
  5. am s1k ked


    Cya mate #1drinker
  6. What happened to the winner of the 100k pkp giveaway?
  7. That last clip....fucking farmer mans @Smackd
  8. What’s popping my niggas
  9. Sooo you’re asking shall we stop our raps movements towards osrs just because children can’t take osrs? While we’re at it, remove everything osrs doesn’t have that we do? Aka make the server all pkp or coin base tbh.... If we take osrs teles away, take the custom teles away too, there useless too
  10. Surprised he wasn’t using a divine for once
  11. @Smackd omfg, did you get hacked???? It never says online....what’s going on here
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