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  1. No problem! lolllll you're welcome! loll
  2. hmm...well the idea was offered to me and I was just wondering why Redemption? That's when I figured it out :).
  3. Yea, unfortunately, there are people out there that are tricked by this lol. I wasn't one of them, just in case you're wondering :D.
  4. So this is not really a skull trick, but it's a trick that involves skulling if you get what I mean. I've realized that the use of smiting is not as efficient these days. This has brought about new creative ways to try and obtain the opponents special weapon (which ever it may be). One of these ways is pking with the prayer "Redemption" (The Blue heart that heals you when your health is under a certain level). When you pk with this prayer active and if you are killed, all of your prayer points diminishes as you die, thus disabling the "Protect Item" prayer and leaving your special weapon highly susceptible to being taken and vice versa. Point is...DON'T PK WITH THE PRAYER REDEMPTION UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE YOUR SPECIAL WEAPON! DON'T GET TRICKED!
  5. I strongly agree on this!!!!!! Also, I feel that there should be more pk weapons besides the 2 main ones (Ags and Dragon Claws).
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