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  1. Smoothie

    Ks amk

    Thank u brother finally 16!
  2. He still has 8377x my bank he can clr me ezzzz Why do u care Bob!
  3. This kid must be bipolar LMAOO Funny af
  4. Smoothie


    These were my goals 2018: - Get my car license - Get a job - Start studying in uni This is what I achieved: - I got my car license - I got a job - I got accepted to university (today) - Made 2,5k$ playing roat lmao :ppp - Stopped being so active on roat (best achievement so far) How has 2018 been treating you?
  5. It’s a private server it ain’t that deep relaxxxxx
  6. *arab goes to duel arena* *loses bank* His brain: don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it arab: can pls give item i back x2
  7. Thank you for motivating me to become a better person each and every day
  8. So how many chromosomes do you actually have
  9. Idk and idc believe whatever u want i don’t even play roat anymore
  10. As i Said that’s not even me, i don’t play 07 lol if i played 07 i would get billions of osrsgp from Gretar but instead i chose irl money for my bank, bcuz i don’t play 07
  11. Kid Thxxx Wow U PROUD OF ME
  12. Sup guys as you know I don’t play much anymore, I just log in sometimes to see what’s going on AND I JUST GOT MY DRIVING LICENSE YE I FAILED 4 TIMES NOW I GOT IT FALL DOWN ONCE STAND UP TWICE HHHHHHHHHH also starting uni soon!! Thought u guys should know! have a good one my arabic people
  13. To much editing made me close the video after 20 sec
  14. @JBLINDis just jelous that you make better videos than him
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