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  1. Everywhere i go i see roatpkz ads lmao, this is the girl from roatpkz ads. i see u gretar @Gretar https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLTdn85zBDvBDCoukZkNJ0w
  2. k0ntv0cht

    Help niggas

    Do you guys know how to edit videos, If u do pm me on forums ty.
  3. Best hybrid my ass. My son is better hybridder
  4. Im searching for the Atlantis Can u help? God wants me there to serve my time
  5. I shall get back to slap everyone. right
  6. Wow, people really still post killpics lmfao. Like wtf? Who cares
  7. This photo remind me of a movie called “the collector” lmao
  8. Music Dosen’t fit the vid So, no
  9. I was #1 staff, resigned to give u mod. Respect me mr knight
  10. k0ntv0cht

    Miss me boys

    Better than dead Lmao Thx allah Wait for me i’m gonna rag u Lmfaoo ok mr knight Ty, u still owe me a custom tho. Done with my Signature yet?! Kacorkr ridneosne dusnsisbsi sis sje susbudwlwksbeukwmsjdjeiwnqbqiwnow wiwnwiw wiwbwoqqabshsuwbw wjwmwswbw wepitja sus
  11. k0ntv0cht

    Miss me boys

    missed the whole community How y’all doing? Feels like i haven’t played in years hey niggas @PK Guy @Gretar @Smackd @JBLIND @Fantastic @Killbob @Ahmash @Tesfxye And everyone
  12. @welfare only @Gretar @Smackd @Fantastic SKILLS WE NEED Hunter, Herblore , Smithing , Agility , Fletching , Crafting , Firemaking Like Wintertodt Get high points for rewards like osrs , Fishing , Thieving. And also Fix the game sounds
  13. Where’s my sig u little shit
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