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  1. any israeli that wins ill send them a bacon sandwhich
  2. tell your mother I send my love
  3. You talk like you’ve just been smuggled in from Syria so u ain’t Adam
  4. twitt


    staff or not your nans still brown bread
  5. twitt


    yet you still haven't managed to have a shower
  6. Ik, you wouldn't have had to implement a sound system if you were using a deob tho, you wouldn't have to worry about many systems client sided everything would be up to date if you went to 177. I see it's crossed ur mind tho
  7. Just convert to a deob already my g
  8. twitt


    erca is somali not arab still fresh off the boat tho
  9. twitt

    Gym Life diss track

    tell me the part where he can fix the fact he smells like a chicken tikka masla after showering all day the dirty taliban cunt
  10. twitt

    Gym Life diss track

    whoever he is looks like a right muslim big nosed fuck
  11. Lol someone put this young boy to sleep
  12. twitt

    Rip snupe

    tf u laughing at you mong cunt
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