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  1. twitt

    Atlaanta NOT ADAM

    You talk like you’ve just been smuggled in from Syria so u ain’t Adam
  2. twitt


    staff or not your nans still brown bread
  3. twitt


    yet you still haven't managed to have a shower
  4. twitt

    Sound Effects!

    Ik, you wouldn't have had to implement a sound system if you were using a deob tho, you wouldn't have to worry about many systems client sided everything would be up to date if you went to 177. I see it's crossed ur mind tho
  5. twitt

    Sound Effects!

    Just convert to a deob already my g
  6. twitt


    erca is somali not arab still fresh off the boat tho
  7. The fuck you going on about mate you dirty punjabi peck
  8. All I see is a load of boys in a chat room you homo cunts
  9. twitt

    Gym Life diss track

    tell me the part where he can fix the fact he smells like a chicken tikka masla after showering all day the dirty taliban cunt
  10. twitt

    Gym Life diss track

    whoever he is looks like a right muslim big nosed fuck
  11. twitt


    Lol someone put this young boy to sleep
  12. twitt

    I may come back

  13. twitt

    Rip snupe

    tf u laughing at you mong cunt
  14. twitt

    Jblind is kinda out of control

    cry me a river you soppy fuck