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  1. +1 would be nice as 85k+ customs or somthing maybe 100k+
  2. on a personal note, more SS should be active in helping players in yell
  3. 85 silver stall is also only theivable in the wilderness.
  4. decent. better then @Tesfxye's Autism
  5. @Fantasticonly good staff, gied is duel rat.
  6. Ur mothers ur only fan u monkey. 10/10 video
  7. well known fact that all these mac banned monkeys find ways to play the game.
  8. still not even close to the biggest lotto. meh.
  9. not even close to the highest lottery ever. good win tho
  10. too many arabs on roat.
  11. imagine having a crack whore for a mother.
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