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  1. He's fkn retarded, brags about his kdr yet his 'actual 1 def nher' has a negative kdr.
  2. lost? rofl ur cute m8. 1 I don't rag I kill, kills are all that matters. 2 I pked a max set once again, something that's on ur bucketlist. keep trying mr edge pker
  3. Aaawwww mr 92 cmb edge pker is taking his first baby steps towards 126 cmb.
  4. LOL when edge pkers get mad, cute.
  5. I got slapped? I don't remember that m8, no pic no proof. Keep hiding at 92 cmb in edge pleb, ur irrelevant.
  6. support, but I'm quite sure I heard they were already working on this.
  7. Toxic still better, tsotd has 15% increased dmg kodak doesn't.
  8. speen78

    Lost Titles

    sec, lemme rig this shit in paint
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