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  1. Someone that showers regularly. Take a bath in my piss it will refresh your slow ass brain. Step off my big toe you freak, no teeth Barbarian looking Mfo
  2. You ugly foes that thought I quit playing roatpkz, you guys are very wrong. You were so happy you even started gagging your best friends. Im on a vacation, chilling and having fun. Thats called living you silly nerds. Few things to say about Roatpkz "- -Server is more dead than king Fabians bank -Moderators are trash except "Legend". Sidenote! I had a weird vision where I knocked "smackd:s" jaw of his ugly face. - Gretar is done a great job I'm not taking anything out of him. - Donators that donate more than 1$ should get their ass spanked by me. Feed your self you silly autism kids. If anyone got anything against me feel free to send me a private message and loc so I can come to your front door and holla at your sister. I saw bind u dead harassing pigeons in the park. Running after them with no pants, silly boy. malcom X out, peace.
  3. If you enjoyed this and want me to write more lyrics in the future just tell me a topic and ill do it no problem. Here is another one i hope you guys enjoy. Here is the instrumental start reading from 0:20 Lyrics by malcom X: note ( it's kinda hard to read rap lyrics from a straight line i don't know how to fix it) Im a warrior without the helm and armor, Only a sneaky voice, Yes I do believe in karma, Was born in 1994, Make sure to mark that date, The great was born, Yes I do take social aid, Have to get my bills paid its running late, They might catch me, Time to get snathcy, My skills will be handy, In time of revolution, Get me the bandy, Even the bandidos, Circlining making crosses, With fat guys lookin like Rick Ross, and Andy can't stop us from getting what we want in the time of starvation, Lemme clear shit, got 4 brothers Put us against the legendary musketeers, Fuck it we only face armies, No snakes or queers, If you don't serve in the army ur considered pussy, Yet these pussies smelling like tussies, Are hiding in the bushy, Yo lend them a tissue That's the issue, No one will ever miss you, Fuck hiding in fox holes, I'm running with a machine gun, Ready to pop holes
  4. I've been writing my own lyrics just for fun check it out. Here is the instrumental Start reading from 0:08 Lyrics by malcom X : Where there is a start , There is an end, you die, Another one sent clear, from the sky down, To the earth with no one left, your alone, swimming in the ocean of angels, Hell is missing you, after the sins you've made, the devil is in both of ur shoulders, You smack the left one, the devil on the right hits you with a FACE IGUAL, u can't feel it from outside your heart is bleeding from inside, you bleedin now it's time to call for help, the medic group came, they injected you with CDA also known as sleepy, now ur feeling creepy, deeply, in a tunnel of midgets they needy, And greedy they swipe their axe on u, u woke up, u dreamt now it's time to do all the normal shit again, They say Kony 2012 was a hoax, Found myself a tinder box, With no matches, Only hatches, Hey catch this, Don't drop it, U might vomit, No ones on it. It is kinda hard to rap to when the text is like that but enjoy.
  5. Hey, i have sent multiple messages to '[email protected]'. I am recovering my account and not getting any replies to my messages. Thank you!
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