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  1. Yo, nice video and the music is dope. Keep it up.
  2. Hey, yeh i think so myself. Thanks alot! Haha thanks broer Thank you Thank you twice heheh Thanks.
  3. Howdy, Since i never got to introduce myself i would like to do it now. My name is Mo, born and raised till i was 5 in Chechnya, live in Belgium now. I'm 22, i weigh 100kg and my height is 1.91. I don't play Roat as much as i used to (24/7) :S, just get on sometimes to have a bit of fun. Gretar, appreciate the server, got alot of good memories on this one, big thumbs up. To end this, a picture of me down below Any questions or anything, in game name --> Amagov Cu.
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