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  1. There's some good ideas but there needs to be work on PVM bosses before you add a bunch of weapons. If blowpipe is the meta over them and they have no use in pking they'l be trash. Also, it is a good idea to add more skills with the graceful just don't go crazy. Maybe like agility at 10* exp or something so people can't just bring afk a rag account to 2 hrs playtime to defeat ragdefence and use as their TB'r trying to solo in multi.
  2. It's individual replies. No I don't expect you to read replies to other people. You're not that special, sped. Notice I didn't reply to you. What a great server support member! Ya, me too. I totally have a life. Lul
  3. Ya, it is annoying when people complain but... there should be something done about PVMer ragging. Riskdefence needs to be fixed or something to allow higher risk. Someone can literally protect a blowpipe, and bring 1k darts and just rag you over and over in rev caves with friends really having no risk. Risk defence should have a 1k, 3k, and 5k option and not count dragon darts or anything that can be put in a blowpipe or toxic staff. It isn't related to why the boss Im talking about loses money, but just annoying. Usually its just 2 or 3 baddies who do something like this so they're an easy escape, but they don't stop coming. Other then that though, it isn't why you lose money doing some wildy bosses: Anglers, Zulrah Scales, dragon darts, ect are. Some of us haven't played 14 hours a day for 5 years on this server so we don't have a fat bank to roll back on when we buy things like rigour , augury , go down in a riskfight since we dont have 30 clan members ready to protect us in any situation we might die, ect. You barely get more zulrah scales from zulrah then you need to blowpipe it with dragon darts. But they are already super cheap. maybe raise the price in the shop to like 0.4 or something and then increase the drop rate so people can profit from them. But thats a topic for another day, and really more of a pvm issue and in a pk server the wilderness activies is priority. I don't really know how the thread went the way of this topic but I will add: PVM bring life to the wilderness. Without them there would literally only be the events which are dominated by clans, and the Mage arena cape which is really only used for NH/Brid and its not like you go down a lot in those. So the 5 charges last a while. PVMers should learn to fight back in singles and learn to avoid clans in multi. Because there's no form of defense against someone getting a tber and continually attacking you with 0 risk. In singles you atleast have a fight. That's why I think that slayer spawns outside of rev caves should be buffed. Not where the teleport takes you to, that being to the multi spot makes sense. If you wana run to a more secluded spot though, somewhere else the mob spawns, you should be able to at-least do slayer viably with enough spawns. That would expand the use of the wilderness even more and get people away from rev caves all the time.
  4. Please the drop table is so bad. has to be worst slayer task in game by far. slow and not profitable. theres level 1 task that are profitable.. to lose money on a slow task is crazy
  5. Guthix Rest will be nice. Good work on the site makes it look a lot better to new players and is a clean transition, not hard to figure it out.
  6. I just made a suggestion to have it highlight the people in your cc, but removing the ability to attack the retarded for boxes and stuff.
  7. There's been a lot of updates over passed year I thought were pretty trash. This makes up for it completely. Server used to be pure "spawn" and it went away from that more and more. Now with this, it makes items besides the very top tier actually reasonable to get for new players/rebuilding. Blowpipe and anguish and all you can get a few k per hr. Rev task get me 5k+ an hour easy. Now, I'm usually against PVM in a PVP server, but it being wilderness slayer as the best source of PKP for a solo player makes it so it keeps player in the wilderness so it actually works out great. It could use some small changes, like some of the monsters need more spawns and such, and there could be some more high level slayer monsters in deep wild for risk. (Like maybe make demonic gorillas count for black demons) and such, but other than that its great.
  8. In clan fights of more then 3v3, it can be extremely difficult if you're not with the same small group of people you constantly PK with. It should highlight your clan members when you right click their name, it would help a lot in multi-fights.
  9. It may be 'bland' as you put it; but its raw pking osrs style. All it has really is the PK armors which aren't even used (zureals, vestas, ect ect.) Welfare gear is spawn, higher level gear is cheap (you can get 2-3k an hr in rag in slayer, and an ahrims set with spirit shield is only like 1k risk) Then high tear gear is super expensive. It's a decent model if you ask me. It's a SPAWN PVP server. I think PVM based private servers is absolutely fucking retarded, which is why wilderness slayer being the best source of PKP by far makes the most sense by far. If you want to PVM for gear, Runescape isn't the game for you at all. Even in the main game, its do the most efficient gp/hr method to buy gear. Then once you do that for hundreds of hours, get a team to do Raids/Raids2 for slightly better profit. They JUST added wilderness slayer, so I'd assume after a bit they'll make it a bit more diverse. But if it's too spread out you'd never see anyone pking. I agree theres a bit too much in the rev caves. They could add stuff like killing demonic gorillas or other things in slayer. That way theres more risk further away from where you can tele. Rite now you just goto rev caves with a tb and hope they didn't just get there for probably 1k risk tops. But it's still an amazing update that took out the massive gap between the broke players and the rich. Makes it so anyone has an efficient means to get their first AGS and some risk sets to PVP in.
  10. That would make it a lot more reasonable. Like I said, I get some of them being a little tight in peak to encourage pking. But literally having more then 1 person with blowpipe in Black Demons is impossible to be efficient. If they're in your clan, then its GG. And multi being clan dominated, you can't just say its a downfall of being in a clan. You have to be in a clan. Especially when you get dipshits who kill them halfway, then attack another to make it so you can't share.
  11. Some of the spawns definitely need to be upped. 2 people with blowpipes in higher level tasks is too much. i get its wildy slayer so you are supposed to fight for spots, but why even have slayer partners if you can't even do tasks like black demons with only 3 spawns that spawn slow?
  12. So, you're selling account names now? LOL, sad. must be no more donations coming in since you guys killed the server with cancer updates.
  13. It wasn't promised but we were told we would get new donator updates when the vote was taken to change the things, and after wards to appease the angry donators. Still nothing!
  14. copy and paste in ur browser or something ::yell and then just ctrl+V
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