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  1. he should get pk cooldowned the guy spams tb/surge/spec on new players at edge ppl say just ::blacklist but now everyone has to blacklist him
  2. If he created his account on August 22th, 2015 and has 5557 roatpkz forum posts, that means he has averaged 2.8 roatpkz forum posts per day since then.
  3. Fruitiest

    Video idea's?

    Iron man Wilderness only account Random gear pking Uncommon spec wep kills
  4. Very useful in osrs. Surprised we don't have it on here yet. Support
  5. Pvming/skilling in legendary zone was op the first couple weeks when few people had it but now lots of pkers have legend status. If you're in a cc you can call for help and it's still pretty nice because you get so many resources to yourself. I don't think the peek option matters that much since people usually would just run through the entire zone instead. If anything it's higher risk higher reward now since you have access to limited resources but you're less likely to live if you get hit.
  6. Big support. Pure pking used to be packed years ago. One problem is that there's never any pures there so people who want to pure pk don't go which makes it a cycle. I know there's some tasks like get two pure kills but if there were some like the do 2500 melee damage but as a pure I think it'd help make pures at edge a thing again.
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