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  1. Dark Kn1ght I assume... The one who camps corp 20 hrs a fucking day
  2. Selling custom yell title, have already sold one for 500k. Selling one more custom yell for 500k or more. make your offers.
  4. Davey the Pk


  5. Will do @jblind Thank you very much.
  6. Looks like you're not the only one with that problem, I'm also having that problem.
  7. Hello, can someone tell me what is going on here? please. https://gyazo.com/97ad35339478e576fcc94d5bc781d5c2 Thanks, David xo
  8. Ahahaah.. Pkers always getting worked up :') And "Embarrassing myself" it's a game mate, like fuck if I care :') When I can be fucked pking I'll send you a pm mr big man
  9. Davey the Pk


    Just going to leave this here
  10. Nice vid bud. Instauri just thinks he's king of risk lel
  11. https://animoto.com/play/aZHipXixilWfqWe4O1Hk0A I actually don't mind this NAH NAH watch da new one lellel
  12. Hi, just starting up a new clan if anyone would be interested. mainly edge pking, but we can do clan wars, whatever. Just recruiting people who like any style of pking, mainly at edge, but it's all chill. Just a clan where you can feel apart and be apart of a community. Also, not looking for any immature people. I'm nice, I'm chill, just send me a private message in game if you want to join! Can't see many people wanting to join seeing as it's only a laid back clan. But would be nice for some of you to join and come pking at edge! Occasionally will go bossing and all that stuff.. Must enjoy a good beer, also must enjoy getting drunk while pking on Roatz yeeeeee Thanks, David.
  13. Hey it's you again... Nawh no proof, how was I suppose to know they were incorrect prices at the time? I was in a rush. If the owner wasn't lazy, he'd check the logs.
  14. Hey. Gretar, could you maybe roll my account back for when i had the black santa hat? I got scammed because the guy told me the items were 20k and not 80k, so i got scammed like that, and I've donated over $1000... the least you could do is help me out. Thanks.
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