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  1. you said it was on prayer lmao? prayers are delayed as fook on this server.
  2. you can't hit that on prayer @Isaiah so tell gretar like i told him x50 fix prayers on this server.
  3. i'm gonna be maxed in all skills before you amatuers reach 99 in one
  4. @persona why u lurking my forums when u got banned trying to support your mum who's on welfare you and your mates look like some geeks, is that a bottle of water in ur hand? l0l
  5. I took ur bank at duel now you're a forums pker! l0l thanks for ur lunch money
  6. Don’t be mad homies. Daul remember when this guy piped at duel with his mate
  7. imagine posting a pic of me dying in funpk, yh ur cringe lol anytime u wanna 1v1 in max pm me taking screenshots of funpk kills is just embarrasing to say the least
  8. 99b


    This kid Yoobs should honestly be demoted, he's the most corrupt piece of shit in roat pkz. Gretar sort your fucking staff out. yoobs, get cancer you little mongrol.
  9. "get online we gl" funny how you'll fight everyone but me, sit the fuck down.
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