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  1. Why guthix mages don't give you points when you kill them? i just realised it and i can just imagine how much points i would have if i noticed earlier.
  2. Bank tabs would be awesome, so bank wouldn't be all messed up like mine is
  3. Also outlooks of vote ticks,pkp,donor tickets would be good to change. all look same so its easy to scam, and yes no refunds is dumb
  4. Alright, i just haven't tried myself and price made me think like wow
  5. Looks awesome! keep up good work affliction! =)
  6. insoy has been muted once tho but he won't change
  7. Price is ridiculous in my opinion, it should be lower like 500(?) and is it worth it i haven't tried myself?
  8. Well by the way which looks sexier its absolutely tsotd then
  9. Buying sup donor tick and selling arcane shield n vote phat @pm in game
  10. Yay from me. Fair price for it would be at around 5 to 10k, since its very op weapon
  11. Very good updates, specially all bosses and max cape, keep up that good work buddy!
  12. PK Guy, your examples are just perfect to these changes! =)
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