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  1. alaa


    same thing happend to me popcorn12 talking
  2. unlucky for 1.1k kc wtf is that?!
  3. dude thats not fair that ihave 1075+ kc and no drops and some one have 180 kc and 3 heavy ballistas drop!!
  4. hi , im at 1075 demonic gorillas kc and to now no drops wt is that ? every day i vote 4-5 times to try getting a heavy or light ballista and still no drops ! i got bored , thanks.. https://prnt.sc/ie3bvo what should i do guys?
  5. alaa

    recover acc

    hi roat , i played 1 year ago and now i want back to roatpkz , so i forgot my password tried to recover the acc and didint work , and sent an email to [email protected] they asked me what acc name so i replayed the acc name and didint get answer to now its about 2 days.. i really need my acc
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