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  1. Eden


    Bruh like I said in my response video, when a nigga step up on da mic and spit fire they don like dat shit nigga Nice post count!
  2. Eden

    15500 Kills

    Congratulations man, that's quite admirable. There should be rewards further than the pker cape.
  3. Eden

    cancer server

    Hey buddy, I'm truly able to empathize with you. I commend you for your efforts in reaching out to the server on forums for the possibility of a resolution. However, nobody is going to take you seriously with such poor grammar!
  4. Eden

    Roatpkz Beginner Guide

    Very well organized!
  5. After a new hot rapper flooded the streets of Roat with some straight fire, A sea of love and hate was brought upon him. See how he responds by clicking the link below! Here is the original video
  6. Eden

    Roat Rap

    Wow, the complexity of your insults are beyond fathomable. I highly recommend you utilize the following link http://www.dailygrammar.com/
  7. Eden

    Roat Rap

    My nigga they gon hate when they see yhu succeed my nigga
  8. I thought I might as well throw out a roat rap, if the intro gets good feedback I'll spit fire on the whole beat....nah I'll do it either way The top donator to "C F" will be granted a remix on the instrumental of your choice. This video was just to heat up the community and introduce them to a real nigga up in front of the mic. However, I'm going all out on the next one!
  9. Eden


    Why is it that we can't be good sports? If someone just so happened to gain the upper hand on me, I would respect their level of skill. I wouldn't call them a "Fat ugly fuck". Meh, I guess some we all mature at different rates ehh. GG to Gladiator666 http://imgur.com/JZZljrL I'm Dutton
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