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  1. The Grand Exchange would be the perfect spot to host new Flower Poker games. Plenty of space, and with the help of a few banker npc’s and some trading posts, would become an ideal hangout/marketplace spot along with Flower Poker games. Give it a thought! @Gretar @Khalil
  2. @JBLINDwho are you again?
  3. How i get my Veteran rank? I gotta suck Gretar peepee or donate more moneys to game for it or what? I play longer time than anyone i was first login on roat pkz and i was best friend with “robes” the old admin thats how long i play. Wtf ks amk gretar cmon bro????
  4. Gretar gives MY CUSTOM WHIP to zamp? What happened to being custom? I waited 3 months for gretar to make my whip and i log on to find that since zamp sucks gretars dick he gets my fucking whip? Ks amk Gretar. My $5,000 donation means nothing to you? Fuck that shit. Don’t donate to gretar he only gives a shit about money. Ks amk ks amk ks amk gretar. That is all.
  5. Ain’t forgiving shit, Fuck you. Jk idk you
  6. I wipe my ass with 100k. Btw who the hell are you and why are you SS?
  7. Hey bud. Welcome to Roat Pkz.
  8. So i can go around baiting people and get every1 banned? Sweet!
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