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  1. I take it you’ve accepted defeat.
  2. Skilling on a Spawnable Pk server? And you want to shit talk me? Keyboard warriors at it’s finest. You’re fat as fuck irl btw.
  3. You weren’t banned and you broke rules? So why did this young man get banned?
  4. This is the internet. Just because you’re soft and it hurts your feelings when you read mean words, doesn’t mean anyone gives a shit and will tend to you. Deal with it or fuck off the game.
  5. What lol? Who the fuck are you l00000l Have that same attitude when you lose your server support position. I’m American and white, you’re not allowed to speak down on me you dumb arabic sand nigger. Go blow some shit up for Allah and burn in hell while your mother and sisters get raped by American Forces. :)
  6. Suck a sack lol no one in the game has rigged rng, but @Legend™ does have a rigged whip on the account Joe Denk. If you ever stake him, do dds and hope for rng, because his whip has boosted defence stats. Fact not fiction.
  7. Allegiance


    McDonalds is notorious for having high ping. Try visiting Bojangles, they have high speed.
  8. Long time no talk. Much love old friend!
  9. Gretar is to busy re-promoting ex-mods thats abused their power than to give someone that actually deserves it. Just leave the server bro, nothing will ever benefit you from this game. Go get some pussy, and a job.
  10. He used to be a moderator.
  11. No one remembers this retard abusing duel arena moderator commands to win stakes? How in the fuck did he get promoted again? Lol servers going to shit as usual.
  12. How in the fuck does Bind u dead get promoted? Gretar what are you doing?
  13. The Grand Exchange would be the perfect spot to host new Flower Poker games. Plenty of space, and with the help of a few banker npc’s and some trading posts, would become an ideal hangout/marketplace spot along with Flower Poker games. Give it a thought! @Gretar @Khalil
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