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  1. that proves that you are not the right person for being mod thank you good luck playing osrs
  2. Yoobs i asked you how old are you if you are grown up enough give me a teamspeak adress and we can talk it out and you can tell your side of the story in person
  3. Yoobs i was there you didn't you were flaming him everyone there knows it you know it i know it its true so please just accept the fact that we are trying to get rid of you Yoobs how old are you
  4. no you are proving our point but you are to young and mentally behind to understand
  5. See even genj knows ur a cunt btw genj thx for supporting
  6. Yoobs please just quit roatpkz you would make a ton of people happy id aprichiate it aswelll Yoobs i was there he didnt flame u he didnt even try to offend you and why do u call people a fan boy anyways ur the biggest gretar dick sucker from the game
  7. Yoobs with the situation of kangascone getting muted u didnt do shit u always flame then come talking on my post that u are against it i went brid and u litterly ruined the time we had there we were having fun u come on flame everyone please just stop u ignored me when i was banned u ignored berserking when he tried getting rolforion back you ignore Jblind Vampyre 99b bhaa jamie2099 ddsyourmom and those are just some poeple who i talked with @ funpk you arent good enough to be in this position do you even realise what your doing people are litterly quiting cause of you a game wich people try to make up have fun on chill on and i do complain cause i know people dont cause they are to scared and know that their post is gonna get shut down like u did with 3 of mine accounts and around 15 posts i made its alright tho you are to young to understand
  8. yoobs please just stop making a fool of your self you ignore a lot of people
  9. just another reason he isn't the right person to be a mod
  10. hey i was just discussing with some people at funpk and we all just don't know why yoobs is a mod. The amount of people that think hes to shitty of a mod is so high that its unbelievable like how even, He flames a lot doesn't help people Ignores almost everyone rags & rushes people close to everyone hates him and its just weird that he is and i spoke to legend aka stijn once and i asked him why he is a mod he couldn't come up with a response he just said i don't know to be honest so im just asking for an explenation thanks
  11. if you want me to spell correctley why not speak dutch german french or danish? lets do that man oh wait u cant since ur a dumb american who just speaks 1 language and thinks hes the god i dont flame hard ofc everyone flames sometimes i explained that in the fucking thread u fuck if u actully read it u wouldve known ur a shit mod nobody likes you for who u are but just for the money u have and that u have mod status grow up and be a good moderator
  12. @Yoobs You're a mod you should know better then flaming and if u don't want to then you don't deserve to be a mod since u can't handle it
  13. could you please read the actual thread the end part to be exact thanks
  14. No offense but you would be one of the first people in jail ... you flame so many people for nothing just cause you killed them that doesnt mean that you are the onley one that the rule doesn't count for im just saying but thanks for your pretty positive response
  15. Things that could and would improve this game by xxmerci 1. Make help able to jail a player for a maximum of 60 min or 120 min or just untill someone checks it out because there are so many people just ragging perming rushing everything when mods arent on but help is and they cant do shit exept tell them to off wich they in 9 / 10 cases dont. 2. Get a couple bug fixers and bug finders i personally found 2 bugs wich could be easley abused and made much money off if small things like these are fixed less people would quit because they got scammed by it or just bug-abused by it. 3. Make long going on flaming wich is really annoying a 10 min jail or something its really annoying to see someone who didnt do shit exept kill someone else that gets shit talked the fuck out of him/her for the next 25 minutes ... and keeping yell free from flaming would be amazing like there is already a rule but nobody cares every1 gets flamed in yell and its really annoying and im sure im not the only one who thinks that. 3,5. This is a pretty personal thing but i think yoobs shouldnt be a moderator he just isnt the right person to do it and it much rather see smackd get in the position yoobs is in right now and made requim or some other help or just a whole new player the moderator rank wich smackd used to have. 4. Reduce the price and upper the price on sertain items like dclaws vs vls both 1k ( in shop ) but the vls is so much better with the dclaws its so rare to get a good hit and with the vls 25% spec you are guarrenteed with 100% to get 1 +40 with claws u dont ... id say reduce claws to 800 and let claws be 1k (in shop) it just doesnt really add up the dragon fire shield also it costs 120 in shop and sells for 84 but if u go look at the defensive stats at it its worse then the spirit shields in actual fights and they are free for donars the onley thing is they have a special attack wich does not hit consistantley so isnt a good thing to use in normal fights its just to deal the extra 6 - 25 dmg wich in most cases is 6 - 15 id say reduce it to 100. 5. add items like chinchompas and the dragon warhammer with a buff from the main game and make it worth like 7.5k - 10k add the heavy ballista and make it better then acb and worth 5k because it wont be able to have a shield on it so u have lower defence but better offence wich would be great for pures and the toxic blowpipe i dont know why it hasnt been added but i could think of some reasons that may have some impact on it but that aswell would be great for pking as a whole. 6. Advertise more the game is between 80 - 150 always but if u did some advertising we could grow as a community wich ofcourse would require some changes in the community by making some cases of flaming jailable and just make the game grow and i know that the time of private servers isnt as hyped as it used to be but its still an amazing server and i know for sure with some adverising we could grow big to like 500 - 1000 players online regularly and after all these things i still think the game is amazing altough the community flames each other hard i know we all get hard feelings when we have shit rng and the other person just destroys you or you're just having a bad day and decide to blow some steam off on people i get that but please just dont continue doing it it will make other people toxic and you yourself will edventually turn toxic and we all know thats annoying thanks for reading this thread if you got any improvements just respond with them this was constructive critisism on some points of an amazing game and now ill end this thread with a
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