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  1. Ty for guide, very helpful. http://prntscr.com/arwzfg How'd you get a custom Do duel arena scam next!!!!
  2. I celebrate Christmas on June 8.
  3. Can't wait till Yoobs exposes you lmao.
  4. I like the design, but I am curious. Are the ring of flyings rare now?
  5. Just curious, how do you know it's not a rat?
  6. Daniel


    Craig can't compete so he has to report Castial and get him banned l0l. When you're friends with staff you can just get people banned.
  7. Stake your blacks + vestas vs me?
  8. I like. Gretar should give you staff, you prolly recruited 100s of people. <3
  9. Respect staff...he'll clean you in duel anyways
  10. Please read rules, ragging is against rules.
  11. I'm pretty sure it's going to be automated by server like ultimate-scape. You just use pkp on the person and if you win server gives you it from the host.
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