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  1. Lightnings

    Bitch nigga

    No, he posted it because he loves to argue on a rsps forum. Either that or straight up autist.
  2. So boring both of you can you make a vid once you get a kill instead of aiming for rng ags hits on max hp and thinking tabbing out in a rng-based game is worthy of being better than one another. retards
  3. Lightnings

    Runescape pics

    Oldschool too challenging for you, back to gmauling in 1 defence.
  4. Sorry mate you'll have to book an appointment. I can't dedicate every hour everyday for this boring game, i was on yesterday for 2 hours however i can't guarantee my next stop-in. I replied because i don't think this thread proves anything, it's titled "wuu2 retard" yet i gave about 5 points proving that your infact clueless, so wuu2 retard? However if i'm on, and i see you on, i'll be sure to claim my 4pkp, i won't be on an alt.
  5. Apologies bro that definitely explains everything i said...? i cant switch or brew properly wasnt my fault was premade kits fault init
  6. Regardless of all the BS flame that everyone on this game does the only kp you posted was one which you maged in ava's, 1 way gmauled and took 8 brews. I could point out your brew cap, the struggle to understand 1 restore -> 3 brews, the fact that you ask to leave mystics in the bank and then show a killpic of you using mystics, the fact your not even potted or the fact that your clicking a rocktail while max hp, but i'll let that slide because your unskulled. good job ez kill!
  7. He recently added a feature that will counteract any connection issues. However you need one of the teleport tabs from the PKP shop, even if you lost your defender you still had time to loot it.
  8. Where does he claim he's the best pure nh?
  9. Lightnings

    Runescape pics

    Hi guys i've made a thread for runescape pics *doesn't post any pics* ??
  10. Back when he first started he tried to convince me and everyone else he was an elite pker from a clan back in '05. Took me one fight to realise he's another RSPS first timer #chefhatbrids #useless
  11. For anyone reading this that doesn't think this is serious, check their hiscores. Comical
  12. Can you link your YT because i and everyone else have no clue who you are and what you do
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