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  1. Corrupt as f. Should be let go of.
  2. Shouldn’t be titled “demotions”, but instead be titled as “resignations”
  3. Tanker H

    me as fmod

    Never happening, wishful thinking.
  4. Mike hasn’t done anyone illcit! People just haten man. Otherwise prove me and him wrong by providing some proofs
  5. Tanker H


    Welcome to the forums,
  6. Indeed it should be re-opened by now. We can use some new faces to the staff team! N some promotions!
  7. That’s some goal! Almost quasi-pipe dream but good luck, nonetheless!
  8. O, For a second I thought you were jus playing, but now I know what you mean. G2BBack
  9. Username: tanker hRecruiter: TupacTotal Kills: 456Playtime: A relatively long time, almost 2 years now.Tell us a bit about yourself: I like to have fun! Everything about me revolves around having fun. I guess. What are your reasons for wanting to join and how will you contribute the clan?: I want to have that cohesive bondage wit the clan, and slay shit together! Literally.
  10. It’s been awhile since I’ve been gone but jus wanna let y’all know I’m back!! I’m thinking about staying here for long time, now. So let’s have fun!
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