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  1. you did this back about 8 months ago cause someone was spamming they was selling pk ticks and assumed it was me lmfao
  2. Link that proof cause the only proof you have is someone else selling pk ticks which wasnt me
  3. Most of these staff dont like me and i know that i dont really care. That doesnt mean that you can take out your angers on me because someone else is doing wrong. This will be the second time i was punished for rwt and i never have real world traded. smackd punished me both times and continues to try and prove that because someone was rwt, that it was automatically me how the hell is this proof of my account being involved in real world trading check ips?? like what the hell proof is this https://gyazo.com/30342931abb1f1fdc41715444dadaa1e to say that it was me trading and asking for money for pkts?
  4. someone who said he was the "best"
  5. Username:budda cupRecruiter:Total Kills:4097Playtime:36d 14hTell us a bit about yourself: What are your reasons for wanting to join and how will you contribute the clan?: pking
  6. as title says pm me in game -budda cup
  7. ok mister welder but cant say what a tigweld is
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