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  1. because 3k slayer points is way harder to get than 100k pkp (vig)
  2. Roat Pkz - Rigged for the rich? Okay so these thoughts come into my mind almost everytime a login to the game... First off, bridding is not bridding anymore and this to me is the worst thing ever because this was pretty much why I played this server. Lets say I go to ::brid for some "fun" brid fighting, no fun for me because I don't have a tent whip, toxic staff, or serp helm like everyone there... I can't even go into the wilderness at edge looking for a normal brid fight without someone turning on their prayers and pulling out an ACB.. To be a respected brid back in 2k13 (the prime of bridding in my opinion) you never used unspawnables or donator items, and was speccing with a dds.. It went from that to bandos and AGS, and then now to all this other overpowered shit where to even compete you need to fight wearing at least like 10k.. I guess I would just like a Hybrid zone where it doesn't allow any unspawnable items(other that fcape etc.) or donator items. NEXT, we have another huge problem... No one has addressed that fact that the only way to make money on Roat Pkz is to either be poor as fuck and PK at edge forever until you get enough PKP to buy a DFS,DH, or a couple hundred PKP and risk it and either have to restart or make a couple hundred more PKP if you're lucky. A new method to success is a MUST, whether it be better NPC drops or higher drop rates, or just more bosses in general such as Godwars or some shit. Or maybe PVP drops (artifacts or vesta/zuriels/morg/stat). Even something as simple as making the barrows drop rates better. But as of now the economy of Roat Pkz is fucked up and makes it impossible for newer players to get anywhere. Party hats and other rares should be made valuable again (maybe wipe all or give them something special like STR, ATT, DEF, RANG, etc bonus' depending on color). I suggested about 2 years ago to put the AGS in the PKP shop and that was a success, but I also suggested to make claws good again, that hasn't happened yet which would be nice. OVERALL, mainly I guess I am just saying that a few minor changes that could take Roat Pkz a long way. - Better bosses/ drops/ drop rates - Maybe PVP Drops - Maybe Slayer PVP tasks w/ slayer skill - maybe slayer cape can have nice bonus' - All godswords in PK shop - Vesta in PKP shop - Either put chaotics in PK Shop or add something like dung maybe so we could put our Chaotics to use(would like to use chaotics in PVP donor or not) Thank you for taking the time to read this little rant, please do give feeback! Love to hear whether support or disagree. - BT
  3. lmao igno joined in like 2013 and didn't run shit... I got so much footage of me destroying him and everyone else that was considered a "decent" brid, but now that doesn't mean shit bridding is nothing like it was 2012-2014/15 everyone brids with overpowered unspawnables that make it unfair for any brids that don't have the PKP for max gear like everyone else. NH'ing used to be a thing that only like fucking Wade did back in 2012 lmao now you see someone in wild thinking they are trying to brid and then turn their prayers on and start ranging you like what the fuck. Roat Pkz Bridding is no longer bridding. Less about the skill/switches/combos, all about the gear.
  4. Add selling/trading not just vote tickets, but also vote points. - for example: I have a certain number of vote points on multiple different accounts of mine and would like to get them all on one account. And I'm sure there are many players out there who would purchase and pay decent PKP for some vote points.
  5. Just thought of another: MORE PKP when on KS: The higher your killstreak is, the more PKP you should get. Like a multiplier to your PKP depending on the KS you are on.
  6. stop bumping this shit no one gives a fuck about your testicless scrotum and how you are bullied irl. The fact that you even posted this on an RSPS forums just shows why you get bullied irl. Did you expect positive feedback from all the very nice people in the Roat Pkz community ?? lmao
  7. lmao what a life you have to be concerned about the community on an RSPS
  8. did you just brag about playing 15 hours of RSPS a day and making lower than minnimum wage?
  9. Yeah, I guess I will just have to get at least 2 of all the items I only have 1 of such as untradables and shiz
  10. I just remembered another idea I had thought of earlier... Custom Inventory kit: - Just like the custom kits, but just for your inventory so you could just refill your inventory and keep the items that you have on and run back in the wildy RIGHT QUCIK boii
  11. Ideas/Suggestions: The Slayer Skill: - Talk to a slayer master and recieve a task to kill (anywhere from 1-35) (Pures/Zerkers/Mains etc) and obtain slayer XP by completing these tasks and when 99 slayer is reached the cape should have better bonus' than the death cape. PVP Drops: - Random PVP drops (Vestas, Statius, Morrigans, Zuriels) Thank you for reading, that is all for today. - BT
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