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  1. IKR that's what i was saying aswell, people who post about them self quitting always come back 100% Some even make a thread that they're going to quit and at the same time they make the thread they started playing again can you believe that?! This game is so addicted they cant live without it and i do understand i cant live without it either i have to play this 24/7 i quit my job i quit my school i left my wife and kids and now im in a cheap motel next to the highway playing roatz 24/7 i swear i love this game!!!!#[email protected]#@#!
  2. something in me says that 70% is just a lie l0l
  3. Welcome back mate, enjoy your stay!
  4. The moment he quit is the moment he came back! Noone but noone can quit especially people who make a topic about quitting so welcome back!
  5. It's faith trying to tell you to stop playing rsps
  6. @Aerobic, the mental issues this server has can't be described in words nor numbers!!
  7. booter on

    I'm back

    Welcome back Mod skorm
  8. Next time use Usher instead of Drake, make this game even more sad
  9. Yeah i support because @Tupac support, i'm his slave!
  10. Congratz with the promotions, see you guys soon!
  11. Give to to mehhh, why? Just give it to me ffs
  12. nice loot man, who'd you rat?
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