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  1. @Tupac some people dont have time to play all day long hombre and rwting is illegal
  2. hi guys , ive been checking the donor page lately , i think the prices are way too high . For example : 50$for rigour thats worth 100k ingame or a 1000$ donation to get a custom thats worth 300k in game . I think the prices are way too much overrated Compared to other rspses. Who elses vouches for lower prices and lower rates for roat pkp, maybe Gretar wil do something about it and alot people will donate way more in this way? @gretar @jblind @khalil
  3. damn bro little wilis was no match for you
  4. Rektttttttttttttttttt
  5. before they gonna start saying its a random check next gyazo https://gyazo.com/0cf7c304fd650eaa2827c328fca52afa
  6. Thanks Boss! Awesome updates on the game keep grinding! When do you pull up in a rarri with all the roatz $$$$$$ @Gretar
  7. @jblind A250 is beautiful mate. A45 is the king of the red light. I almost went for the a45 but some guy near my town was involved in a car crash and died.... Its a beautiful car but dangerous for young fellas like us!
  8. @killbob O damn i only noticed now.. Thanks that u saw that im blind Im planning to leave it like this for now. Maybe in the future stage 2 tune to 500 bhp but thats alot bhp for a 21 years old
  9. the pro pker

    my new toy

    bought this little hot hatchback golf 7 R what a machine!! 310 bhp To my friends on roatz asking to post this on forums here it is: )) ps: dunno if im in the good section
  10. does this mean al items on old client will be lost? I have no problem with it about time that there comes a new client. I wanna tribrid with the ballista so i can kill some weak tribrids on roatz
  11. So i downloaded camtasia i cant edit or anything any tips?
  12. the pro pker


    Hello everyone. I decided to quit OSRS, ROAT pk , and OS- SCAPE because i have no time irl anymore to play any of these games anymore. I've played roatz pk well over 2 years and now the time has come that i am growing up and gonna focus more on real life. I wish everyone the best luck in their lifes and i enjoyed playing this awesome RSPS. GOODBYE<3
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