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  1. Im guessing 99, why cause i'm poor and i can use it! XD.
  2. Could you make me one ?:D
  3. Was going to yeah but part of me wants back man its addictive
  4. Look first off, the staff will either, Ban me or close this thread i dont give a flying f First off Someone, this someone will know what im on about PROMISED. that i wouldn't get an ingame ban Yet i did for exposing me and the scammer. Yes i RWT'D. Doesnt evryone do it at some point? Atleast i had the balls to report the guy. they used my own evidence as proof to ban me, However they didn't include evry screenshot they only included one. so heres the full story. So don't make fake promises that i won't get banned if i do get banned. cause thats just a lame excuse. - Robin out PCE.
  5. If all you can do is hate then why bother even commenting. thank you for your time.
  6. Hello For those who know me, I like this rsps, but the community sucks ill explain why, I've given away so much ... in the past 2 weeks to new people and people who needed it, Its just pixels tho i don't care at all. But once i lost evrything, you see who you're true friends are, thanks for being there But with this said,I cannot be arsed to rebuild. So Goodbye evryone, have a great time in roatpkz!
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