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  1. Nice efficient suggestion. Wouldn't mind seeing this getting implemented.
  2. Side question.. Are you John(Omniscient) from HF? Or an fan of him that likes him name hmm?
  3. I am personally confident that I could easily implement anything, but it the opportunity does come to when my decision actually means something then why not?
  4. Don't worry, It won't be an issue proving these context to him.
  5. That's the spirit. . . Hopelessness is only an emotion/feeling.. An emotion can change when it sees progress. Progress will come. I assure you.
  6. Actions speaks louder than words, Castial. Perhaps opportunity isn't so far from the tunnel.
  7. Thank you for your well written reply. I'm sure none of what you suggested is a problem nor would it be a problem for it to actually be implemented here at RoatPkz. I guarantee you that you'll see a difference soon.
  8. Straight out of Compton is a great movie, you're going to enjoy it if you knew the history of the group back in the days. Good movie choice.
  9. Well said, noted. Interesting. You'd like to see skilling added to Roat Pkz? Okay motion accepted. Thanks for your input.
  10. So you'll like to see a fresh makeover for RoatPkz eh? What is your opinion on the current outlook on these forums?
  11. What would you say if it was actually a NEW beginning? Not a fresh little forum but a actually NEW beginning. Fresh marketing, fresh updates, etc?
  12. Work in progress, I know you've heard that before but it's coming sooner than later.
  13. It will change without a doubt. Just give me something that YOU personally would love to see here at RoatPkz.
  14. Question, What do YOU want to see come to RoatPkz? What do you think will improve this community, help it grow? What are some opinions that ANY of you have that MAY be taken in consideration? Many questions.. But you get the point.. Don't be shy now.. I know the current members of this community have some suggestions that MAY change the outlook on RoatPkz from others.. Let's change some of your opinions as in saying RoatPkz is a "Dead" server.. I think it's a little of neglect and needs a little more compassion.. Regards, Judge
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