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  1. Ples acb blowpipe 3rd age long and cloak
  2. cat


    My mute appeal was accepted by ungrateful a day or two ago, seems i'm still muted; will I be getting an unmute lol?
  3. I don't know how this could be implemented with some decent stats, maybe for 2.5k/5k kills or maybe like 20 vote points, but I'd really like to see this. http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Achievement_diary_cape_(t) Think it's possible?
  4. Thats what i wanted to hear! Can't wait
  5. Hi, just wanted to shine some light on some items, don't know if they're being added or even thought about. Since I know nothing about coding or making items/servers. If these items are not too hard to add I think we should have - Ancient, Armadyl and bandos books - Fun new items for pures, so the same old items don't get boring Ancient, Armadyl and bandos vestments - ^^^ Bronze, Iron and mithril (T) & (G) - ^^^^ Blowpipe - Maybe venom? Armadyl Crossbow - With spec because rangers have no alternate spec wep besides boring dbow Holy Sandals - Nice shoes for nhers, raggers, pures and brids + they look cool Ely spec where it takes 1/3 of the damage or whatever Remember these are just ideas, don't hate.
  6. So I'm kind of new to this server, and I was curious is there any way I could get a name change?
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