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  1. dario........lol just lol ....LOOOOOOOOOOOL smoothie i know i was mean but i still love u no homo lol same chalky lol skype me later today mike put the sig u had saying why did legend clean #trap lyfe i loved that sig and wanted it as my own i felt famous LOL oh ya and fuck my sig chalky deserves the #1 spot
  2. lit as f almost as lit as the kill dario got when john said he'd slap him before that LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL was to funny tonight LOOOOOOOOOOOL HATcx its atleast 1-1 bro lol
  3. you're both weeaboos anyways =p lololl nvm the pic looks like its from dr4gonb0ys0n hahaha little ball baby
  4. cuz i triggered yoobs long time ago and ever since he's hated on me which gave me depression to the point where im in a wheelchair . lol i have crippling depression kappa
  5. i got perm banned for no reason so u got lucky lol
  6. in the download file theree should be a option
  7. redownload would be the best bet
  8. idc wtf u say lavish and me will rape u anyday faggot lavish is #1 craig repped lavish before now some random thinks he can diss hang urself what ull make a reply ooo im scared
  9. i trust traded lime hween month or 2 ago catch up got scammed to so yea compete nub blah blah blah pow pow home boy
  10. so ur gonna give away free banks?>? so then why would any1 donate? also i destroyed rot about 9208390283098210938092839 times with my cc and tng also took some L's so if anyclan should be joined should be mine and only if your a good pker ontop 69 is leader pm him 2 join lol gl
  11. i liked the vid man sorry i saw this a few days ago just been buisy drinkin irl lololol
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