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  1. For the longest time I have wanted to make this thread so guess I will do it now since it's getting out of hand and making hella people quit(sure it's their fault for gambling but when they don't know they are likely to lose it's kinda sad...) -Most youtubers who do the big stakes/flower poker games do in-fact lose but the problem is the odds are in their favor. -What most of you don't know is there is a whip and mithril seeds that are rigged. *Admins can give a certain whip to users(usually eco cleaners/youtubers) that does not deal more damage as that would make it too obvious but instead has higher accuracy(More likely to hit consistently.) *Mithril seeds work with your previously planted flower ultimately increasing the odds of 2 pairing or oaking. -Admins also have alts for example Joe Denk = Legend, he also has a few other accounts as well. Fantastic cx also has an account as far as I am aware. They don't have boosted rng but they do have the whip with a buffed accuracy. (If you are at the duel arena and staking and you don't say how much your staking and they put up close to how much you have in your inventory for PKT(DO NOT STAKE THEM) That would have been an admin who checked your inventory and is now trying to clean you. I would also advise players not to stake youtubers or people with a wealth over 70m or so as those players are typically the ones with a buffed whip only obtainable from admins spawning them one. (I would assume a percentage of the pkt obtained with said whip has to be given to an admin to remove it from the economy but not 100% on this one.) I'm kind of sick of watching players quit because they get cleaned(sure it happens I would not mind if they had a fair chance at winning but most of the time they don't..) -Buffed whip or rigged seeds does not matter you can still beat them but just know you have a much much lower chance of actually beating them lol..
  2. My fucking dds wont max 96 with dragon defender @Gretar fix this
  3. Straight up dumbest fucking suggestion on rpkz.. Nigga I need 10k+ more deaths to pass Killbob and I aint got no fucking 400k pkt to blow on repairing my avernic every 2 fricken months boi change this dog shit.. Not all of us lick clan leader taint for hooks maybe niggas like tom riddle, shittyboy and the other fucking hoodlums who shall not be named can afford that but na bruh, not all of us.. ----- If it doesnt get changed i'll just protest this shit update by mass suiciding to every player on roatpkz handing out free 5+ hour pkcooldowns then you or that useless skid named jblind/smackd are gana have to get off ur asses to remove mass pkcooldowns i'll make you fucking work boi
  4. Rip Mass recruited clans, cant gain an advantage from massing at bloodlust event :,(
  5. This is like the 93rd threat since 2013 about an economy reset and still has not happened. If you truly want an economy reset your best option~ is telling Gretar to make a 2nd world(Not linked to this main version of RoatPKZ) So all users get a "Fresh start" - there is 1 problem however: The community would be divided between 2 worlds(And when users are already started on this current version they would not donate for things on world 2 when they have things on w1 which = Users who choose to grind w2 only and nothing else, would ultimately cost Gretar server income. -Now let's look at it from a different angle - IF Gretar figured out a way to convince players to donate for things on a second world with a fresh economy Gretar is still bringing in enough money to keep the game online for many more years to come -Result from this? Simple eventually the second world will look like the main world and this time around it wont take nearly as long for the 2nd world to reach the point of the main world. ----------- ~Player count to this day is greatly higher than 2011/2012/2013 Not to mention 2011 - 2015 half of the shit in game did not exist so the economy on w2 will just grow so much at a greatly increased rate. RoatPKZ took 2011 - 2020 to get where it is(9 Years) with money makers being added gradually over a long period of time. World 2 would essentially be everyone on the first day of launch so to speak and would take roughly 1 year 9 months - 2 years 4 months before it got to where world 1 would be right this second. ---------------- Assuming JewTar decided to risk his current income of $100,000/month by resetting the server entirely players would quit no doubt - newer players who have played 1 - 2 years most likely would not quit but the servers been open since 2011 and if you were to reset the server people who joined 2011 - 2015 would honestly most likely quit, this = bad as the players who are able to help and give proper assistance are now gone and all that's left is the clown of a staff team except for a small handful (TRYING) to lead the newer players lol - then the players remaining will realize the clueless arrogance of those trying to help lead the server causing more quitting (Now Gretar would have to go into full damage control and from there more will quit more will get pissed and it would ultimately cause a 9 year old server that has been striving for years to crumble with a single update for it never to return.) ------------------ You want an eco reset asking Gretar for a second world is the only chance you would have(But it splits community into 2 basically = loss of donations to help pay for the server and admins so this most likely will not happen only chance of us Having a second world where there is an economy, it would not be a PK world it would be an ECONOMY world like previously and allowing users the option to donate for items/a currency to buy items from a shop. Then gretar would have to add all the proper stuff to obtain certain items without donating so forth which is just not worth it when you understand you would be splitting a currently large community that is already active and frequently playing the game into how ever many hoping it works out and does not cause a loss of income. ---------------------------- I'll most likely see the reply to my post (But only items will be reset not KDR, donator ranks etc) Problem is it's an ECO reset meaning players who either donated for a rank ticket or bought with in game and claimed it they wont get the donator points that come with the rank due to it being an "ECO Reset" Causing players to get pissy over that. Therefore~ ECO reset/New world = not worth it as it's just to risky when everything is working perfectly fine at this time.
  6. waiting for a 10v10 f2p clan cup so the ahking inbred toofless hillybilly soundin asses cant gain a giant advantage
  7. Let's be honest only reason goat is here is to see the 4 hour drop rate bonus for voting. Let us see how many times you have to clan hop for pvm protection you fucking spit
  8. Posts killpics of lucky specs/spec + veng/axe camp hits - timings and tries to act good. I want to see 3,000 lucky specs/ spec + veng/ axe camp hits - timings before I ever call you even fucking decent at pking lol? Braindead monkey ive been at ::riskzone and you typically axe camp a fucking piss ton, do not sit there with your fucking piss tube wasting our time with your egotistical mind set you retard. I don't know k0ed but I know 1 thing I know a tryhard who requires backup at ::riskzone to watch and cheer him on and spam L0L0L0L0L0L0L0L when he red bars someone or has 40 butt pirates at his side when killing pvmers/skillers I sense a lack of self confidence/belonging on this server Such a shame
  9. ^ Biased view from a mass recruited clannie shitter who spent their time on rpkz sucking others off to feel relevant as if you even have a place on roatpkz for nothing more than a bit of riches and don't want your items dropping in price. Has nothing to do with you liking rarity of some customs has to do with if something like this were to be added, you would lose out on profit. Shame your dull mindset prevents you from looking at things from a general perspective and giving proper feedback to an idea, rather you would choose to disagree with anything that can hurt your wealth. Kinda fucking cringe
  10. I just love how solo players would grind their dicks off for enough pkt to buy Divine and when we were able to start tanking full clans and stealing their Skotizo/Jads is when it became a problem and retard clannie inbred fucks started bitching like a 12 year old girl... Fucking pussies
  11. Well if we do that Aelin I want a death cape with tiers as well 1k, 2.5k, 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k, 30k,
  12. If eventually max cape will be for only those with all 99s can we bring back the dragon cape, water and w.e green one was called to be put in place for needing 1k kills to wear them? This way 1,000 kills kinda has some meaning to it once again green best for range, blue best for mage, red best for melee need 1k kills to wear either of them. I think that would be a nice, or bring back old pk cape to replace max cape for 1k kills that would work too.
  13. ^ This inbred fr asking for divine to be removed even though he himself shall not enter said wilderness without a Divine at his side. Wow a fucking tryhard shitter finally gana make a sacrifice? God damn 2020 might not be as dog shit as thought for.
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