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  1. king arturia acting like he isint liked by clans and acting like he doesnt have tbow for jad skotizo
  2. Yoobs da king

    Miss me boys

    the last 3 people you tagged acctually still play the rest most likely wont reply. Anyhow welcome back
  3. 2. NO 4. Already True 5. raids is in the progress but tbow/vitur will most likely never been a reward since rpkz is a cash grab server 6. We were promised a super donator zone in 2012 and considering it took gretard 6 years to buff ags were nit getting an extreme zone. 9. Gretar makes enough money without supporting the pvmers
  4. Just me? Or does Rock have a world record for rwt reports on forums? Curious if he kinda but doesnt bait people into getting that far into taking it into consideration.
  5. Im going to go ahead and consider that as a yes to both 1. and 2.
  6. EDIT: Your inventory is missing something camping mage pray chaos ele should not hit much bring purple sweats since its stackable and you dont have to waste stronger food just incase you get attacked.
  7. Just have it open already while ur playing stupid fuck its not hard... Besides Dragon spear spec doesnt hurt you so if anything no team on rpkz has a clue what there doing. Get ancient maces retards it damages you with spec and drains prayer should also be a no brainer
  8. If your not a retard you cant get smited... If you stop eating food and spam click sanfew or pray pot very quickly you will always sneak in a drink. Said this time and time again if your being smited from a band of dspears your literally a larger planker than Jblind.. The only way you can get smited using this method is if 4 - 7+ people with spears chain specs you perfectly but how do you counter this? Auto clicker 1 click per 1 ms will allow you to pot until you have 31 people dragkn spearing you in perfect order.( AND I DONT MEAN BEING SPECED 31 TIMES I MEAN 31 DIFFERENT USERS SPAM SPEARING YOU) So I don't see why ur bitching about ur prayer being smited even when u technically have less than 0 HP... Should be a no brainer on how not to get smited stop eating adding to ur hp allowing them even more breathing room to smite you.
  9. 1. Did you not get an ags drop? 2. did you chuck ur bank in now ur salty? 3. sure as fucks sounds like it to me.
  10. ^ Gorillaz and Jblind blank quoting on forums to boost post count but ok
  11. Why is this in the marketplace section? Staff must be blind
  12. ^ 1. this is not thread for that last comment you got an issue be a big man pm me where ur boy toys cant back you up if I start shit talking you. 2. I have quit over 300 times since i joined? and I am pretty sure the last thing that will clear me from rpkz is some white knight. Good try though I'm negative kdr on all 39 of my accounts simply because I rush kids out with dds, claws or dragon mace in multi so I am truly baffled as to why your dumb ass thinks you can rage me off any game. Your just another fucking clown trying to look big on forums but in reality your shit talking a melee pker/pvmer and lie to urself thinking killing me even means a damn thing. Good one bud it really was gave me a chuckle ngl.
  13. 1. I asked for HNS with no prizes cause its more entertaining then making you retards dance for me in the wilderness
  14. Don't make me start leaking the pic again of ur dumbass dying in max set to my melee edge pker set south of ::44s nigga
  15. https://prnt.sc/nzg1yu So I smited Gargur some mongolian rodent that was crawling on all 9 at rag bot's HPEvent for a VLS and you mean to tell me I get 1,000 pkt ONLY? Fuck you @Gretar I knew ur dumbass was a fucking jew but damn scam me 14k u lil shit
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