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  1. thats blackmail in a nutshell if u think about it xd holding the ability to mute against me so i stop flaming him if i was breaking rules i should be muted but he used his ability to mute to pursuade me not to flame him anymore to blackmail someone is to hold something against someone to make them do something in your favor in some cases. I really dont care he did it, its just funny he did nigga shoulda muted me like a normal human being
  2. If im using hella minor flame towards Goat(Server Support, and he tells me "Could just mute you for flaming which I am allowed to do" https://prnt.sc/qleiml Then let's be real that's blackmail lol. Nigga knows he can mute me for flaming him in PM and in yell chat for being abusive towards users but he does not mute me? Instead he replies with could just mute you for flaming which I am allowed to do, as stated above. So he knows if he mutes me I will only continue to flame him and point out his fuckups in public chat because every staff so far has hated when a player points out their fuck ups in public chats and resort to low life methods. So he uses his ability to mute as a persuasion tool to get me to stop flaming him lol. Nothing will happen to Goat I just thought it was kind of funny he resorting to blackmail to get someone to stop flaming him. That's kind of funny to me tbh. Really shows the progression of staff on RPKZ (He can mute me but does not choose to and threatens mutes to get people to stop pointing his fuckups in yell chat or other public chats.) Love you Gretar but your too big hearted and can't or don't have the balls to demote someone out of fear said staff member will take his/her friends with them somewhere else. Any normal server owner would have sent every single staff member on here packing the 2nd time they got caught slipping.
  3. Correct. Tbh I would not mind having both in game. Korasi's Sword would be huge to have in roatpkz though and I know all the NHing niggas would hate you for suggesting this become a thing and might really hate you if it does get added. Why? Well because Korasi does mage damage so you must protect mage vs it's special attack but it's based off strength bonus. So now when retard nhers try to act big on pvmers/veng pkers they are going to have a harder time surviving pvmers because they wont know what to pray, they might have korasi so they gata pray mage, might have ags or claws so they gata pray melee, Might have both and fuck those retards up. So there will 500% be biased responses from the bridders/nhers tryhards w.e you wana call these irrelevant skids because it's +1 factor they have to calculate when pking and will make life for them hell tbh. -------------------------------------------- So yes I personally would want korasi even if rpkz is trying to be a washed up toxic, dog shit staff version of OSRS. These max set nhers who pk in multi are going to stop going solo if korasi gets added because melee pvmers will either have claws or korasi or both and well there losing a max set 100%
  4. Personally I don't give a fuck about rewards. But a lot of us have thousands of PvP/PvM kills but they were not added to the Achievement system. Honestly I would be absolutely fine with you guys adding our PvM/PvP kills to the Achievement system from when you started tracking all the information. BUT we do not get the rewards from the checkmarks that you must hit to get the rewards. This way we start higher up due to what we have already achieved and we get rewards from the checkmarks we have not officially completed. So we don't get rewards we would have passed if you add our statistics to the Achievement log but we get to earn rewards from the marker points we have not yet reached. I would honestly just like something that represents somewhat of has already been done in game compared to having to start from scratch. Example: Say you get reward for 500, 1k, 5k, 10k, 15k, player kills BUT you have 10k kills currently it would list that on the Achievement log that you have 10k kills but you can not claim the rewards from 500, 1k, 5k, 10k, but you can claim the reward from 15k one when you hit 15k kills. That's essentially what I am getting at. I would honestly like to have something that shows the npc kills etc that I already have. Granted it would not have 7 years of tracking but from when you guys started tracking these statistics is better then nothing.
  5. Under normal circumstances I would agree with adding Korasi. Korasi's sword is a mage special attack weapon but here is the thing. If OSRS adds that new staff which is the mage version of an ags or ballista then RoatPkz will add the staff in as well which means you have the korasi sword but in staff version. So having korasi on here wont happen but we might see the new staff from OSRS if that gets added to replace what the Korasi would have been. ^- - - I understand Korasi did mage damage based on your melee strength and the staff OSRS might add will be mage damage based on mage strength so it's a tough one tbh. Sure we have Armadyl Godsword/Dragon Claws/Vesta's Longsword(Main spec wep for Melee) = 3 special attack weapons Heavy Ballista/Darkbow(Main spec weps for Range) = 2 special attack weapons Nothing for Mage = No special attack weapons -------- So we got 3 main warrior and 2 range special attack weapons but no mage special attack weapons. Why not add 2 special attack mage weapons. Which would be the OSRS staff that might come out and the Korasi. But then again Gretar removed chaotics also a pre eoc item to make this more like OSRS but maybe you can snaggle korasi out of him idk.
  6. is the update not active? Cause i loaded client and see none of this
  7. and just as dog shit as ever
  8. Cringe because theres currently 4 methods in game to snap urself out of this allowing you to escape with ease, maybe instead of piss ibtch and moaning on forums/discord you would spend some time to figure out how to get out of it. But nah psalms wana act autistic and cry over dumb shit.
  9. its not bug abuse if gretar added the ability to walk into safe zone to regen ur soecial attack thats how gretar made it. If something was intended to be in the game its not a fuckingbug you just said " osrs you go t yur house to regen spec but rkz you walk int safe and regen spec" Good job retard you just proved your a dumbass. An example of a bug would be - players finding a way to regen spec with a command or some shit while still in the wlderness now that would be a bug.
  10. Apparently retards are salty they lose shit to this and accuse it of being a bug so I am going to explain to all the 5 yr olds upset they have to steal another $25 from mommy to get their max set back. RuneScape: Every action in RuneScape has Low and High priority actions, high priority actions always come before low priority actions.. Now here is why people think its a "bug" BECAUSE YOU ARE FUCKING STUCK AND CANT MOVE SMH... ---------------------------- Lets look at Barrage/Blitz/Entangle etc... What do they do? Well they freeze you from moving and deal X amount of damage. Now Dragon Spear: They knock you 1 square in a certain direction but the main point of the dragon spear is NOT to prevent you from moving but to prevent said user from no longer being able to eat food/drink potions. However Jagex needed a method to display to the user being hit with a Dragon Spear special attack that their rights to eat/drink potions are temporarily suspended. How did they do it? With an animation appearing over said users head + the knock back that prevents you from moving, the KNOCK BACK once it ended and you could move again was esentially to signify you could eat, drink and switch prayers again. ------------------------------ Jagex did not intend for it to be used to for example push players into multi or in this case allowing users to refreeze opponents without letting them gain any ground towards the safe zone. Both of these methods are possible on OSRS and RS3. ------------------------------- Now if someone is frozen by a barrage or blitz or even entangle; you barrage or blitz or entangle them while they are frozen does it add more time to their freeze timer? Does it reset their freeze timer and replace it with a new one? FUCK NO the freeze timer runs out from the first freeze you got hit by then allowing you to get frozen again by a barrage, blitz entangle so forth... --------------------------------- DRAGON SPEAR: Is NOT intended as a "FREEZE" weapon but a weapon to disabled rights to eat, switch prayers, drink potions etc. It just so happens that the spears effects of disabling those rights temporarily were shown through a "knock back" to display that you were infact under the effects of the Dragon Spear itself.. ---------------------------------- So with the Spear not being a freeze intended object its not counted as being a freeze for a player so when you are barraged the freeze timer will eventually run out but users use the DRAGON SPEAR's knock back effect to prevent you from moving so when the barrage timer or w.e runs out your able to be refrozen by a barrage while under the knock back of said Dragon Spear... Jagex stated when players bitched about being speared into multi that its not a bug just "clever use of game mechanics" by the players and they also addressed the fact of being able to be frozen by a barrage, blitz, entangle and so on while you are speared. "May not have been the intended use of the Dragon Spear its just clever use of game mechanics by players." ----------------------------------- So get your head out of your ass, you lost a fucking max set grow up retards and stop bitching begging gretar for refunds and for players to be banned. Its not a fucking bug retards.
  11. why is an inactive admin who got yter to pay for his lost max sets in my threads trying to be funny?
  12. Take ur genie Gretar and stuff it up ur poop shoot --------------------- Missed 4 jad kills since my return, where jad died and no one gets loot no loot by any means is announced and waiting does nothing as nothing appears on the floor. 5th time I got genie during jad I knew I wouldnt get loot but it was at the end up jad so I teled home to answer the genie I would have made it back in time BUT CLASSIC GRETAR FUCKS U no I get a dumbass open/answer captcha on google Bruh how desperate are you to increase traffic on roatpkz's website. Anyhow couldnt do it in time jad died but this time I got loot idk how genie was out when it died. But jad flopped like why gg on a sunday morning so I could not ::jad back id have to run but could not get back in time thanks to you adding the worst jad spawns in the history of any server. Moral of the story take eveyones feedback on my last post about this bs and fix it so you don;t get genies while pvming or being in wild in general something just fix it. You can take g-bar donations to add customs but cant fix where a genie does/does not spawn like fuck me gretard get ur ass in gear
  13. Your bank appears to be a mess, I would be more than willing to organize your bank for you. Just need: Security Code Password ----------- Terms/Conditions Upon hiring me you can have me organize it as many times as your heart so desires, if you believe to be missing any items you most likely never had them to begin with or I organized your bank in such a way where you cant find them. Feel free to PM me on forums Kind regards, ME
  14. makes vid after winning 100k loto, wow good job baller comebak when yew git ova 37 loto wins 100k+ ea
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