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  1. I believe the fact you do, considering you can be talking non-stop at ::Skotizo/::jad and without missing a beat of typing your prayer auto change to w.e attack styles mfers use against you there. No matter what the kid under the wild boss was using on you, you would be typing and prayer switching fast as fuck bro. I 100% believe you ahk
  2. Didint ur stoopid ass already post this shit on Discord... Did you not get enough fucking attention regarding the fact you have shit RNG and are a clear fucking gambling addict...? Na you come on Forums to get even more attention for something you posted already because that's all you login for now a days. Becoming a mass recruited, clan hopping, dick sucking, "ask 4 hooks" shitter really did change you huh?
  3. Just so you fuckers who think you are his friend don't get fucked over heed my warning retards... Ever since Bank00 joined rpkz he made good friends who didint give a fuck about how much PKT he did or did not have. They were quite possibly the only actual friends hes had on this server. He got cleaned and his friends offered to give him hooks for a rebuild and he accepted and said he would repay them if he ever got rich and guess what he got rich bois. He then kicked his actual friends to the curb because he no longer needed them. He used his wealth to get into top clans at the time and made more "friends" but they were just another asset incase he got cleaned again. And you guessed it he got cleaned again. He took loans from new "friends" he made after getting rich first time and got rich again and kicked them to the curb after that. As you can see where this is going this shit happened idfk like 37 times now where he kicks his so called friends to the curb because hes a greedy Jew and has never liked giving pkt back to the people he promises to. So when he comes back from quitting this time around if you think for a second you are friends with him and he comes back a week from now and asks for a hook DO NOT give him one because he does this same shit to all of you brainwashed newfags he will take ur hooks get rich and tell you to kick the fucking bucket. Let's end this fucking cancer today...
  4. Name says it all you have hella mother fuckers on alts just afking at the Mage Arena fighting NPC's and only clicking prayer pot once every 5 minutes? This one area brings in so much fucking PKT it's actually autistic and you can't even pk fuckers there unless you have them as a BH target which you rarely ever get the accounts as a target to begin with so they basically get off scott free with massive fucking bank.
  5. Someone care to explain why this retards hyped up on adderall saying he's got inside sources that confirmed he's getting Server Support. And telling people he can help because he IS a helper even though he's not one right now??
  6. Yoobs da king


    Use to also have a portal to the 1k kills zone no clue if that shit still exists though since it looked like some custom p-server garbage
  7. Yoobs da king


    You Forgot: ::golds ::r4ng3purez ::atmf ::zamp2 ::kingdark -Safe I Run
  8. @Gretar If you come in here right now and give an actual confirmation stating you did(NOT WILL) you did! crack down on staff to push them towards improvement then I myself will contribute to the pot.. If you crack down on staff this time around rather than a slap on a wrist I will happily revoke ALL view points I have on ALL staff. I will personally give each and every staff member a clean slate, I won't flame them anymore, I wont even bring up past mistakes they've made over the years because with a fresh, clean state of mind I am essentially stepping into RoatPKZ for my very first time as a result of this I will start to build a view point from their clean slate moving forward so they don't have older mistakes hanging over their heads forever. This way they can start working on actually improving and I as well as many others will keep a close eye and watch their growth over time. I believe doing this Will help the staff improve overall and allow them a second chance so they may prove they know what they are doing and are more than capable of doing what is asked of a staff member. Too long has staff positions on this server just been a giant ass joke. I want the rank of "Staff" to finally mean SOMETHING again, this is one of the very and I mean very few times I am willing to let staff restart with a fresh have at it. I would love nothing more than for every single staff member we have right this second do a perfect 180 in terms of their mistakes to correct them and grow as community members and Staff Members as a whole. Mass removing of staff will never fix an issue instead the only way for these issues to be corrected is for you @Gretar to finally take responsibility yourself; bring the staff team together and go over their mistakes with each other. This is one of the only ways a staff team or even any sort of team can truly grow into a team that means something. Out of respect for you, the servers progression over the years and all the hardships so many have been through already I want this server to finally mean something again and in order to do just that you must take some strides to ensure all are on board not just a few. 9 - 10 years on this server now? I'd like to not see it go to waste. You have other players who have also played just as long don't let them down also. This server has been a laughing stock to most due to the way Staff handle certain situations. Personally I would not mind one fucking bit DDS Rushing people another 5, 10, 20 even 50 years from now when I am old and gross. So why can't we fix things now? Rather than later why not now @Gretar?
  9. Hook me sum placeholders of them custams weirdo
  10. @Gretardedass bro I'd drop 100k PKT on a consumable ticket that adds 500 bank space and make max bank space per account like 2864 or some shit. Fr what nigga dont need bank space? 100% eco clean idea
  11. Not every nigga has a clan to protect them while they open that many keys though. Kappa
  12. At this rate we may as well say fuck it, call up Doc Brown and go back 10 years when RoatPKZ was originally an ECO server...
  13. These F O A M clannie kids are all the same probs going in for creepin at the childs playground
  14. For the longest time I have wanted to make this thread so guess I will do it now since it's getting out of hand and making hella people quit(sure it's their fault for gambling but when they don't know they are likely to lose it's kinda sad...) -Most youtubers who do the big stakes/flower poker games do in-fact lose but the problem is the odds are in their favor. -What most of you don't know is there is a whip and mithril seeds that are rigged. *Admins can give a certain whip to users(usually eco cleaners/youtubers) that does not deal more damage as that would make it too obvious but instead has higher accuracy(More likely to hit consistently.) *Mithril seeds work with your previously planted flower ultimately increasing the odds of 2 pairing or oaking. -Admins also have alts for example Joe Denk = Legend, he also has a few other accounts as well. Fantastic cx also has an account as far as I am aware. They don't have boosted rng but they do have the whip with a buffed accuracy. (If you are at the duel arena and staking and you don't say how much your staking and they put up close to how much you have in your inventory for PKT(DO NOT STAKE THEM) That would have been an admin who checked your inventory and is now trying to clean you. I would also advise players not to stake youtubers or people with a wealth over 70m or so as those players are typically the ones with a buffed whip only obtainable from admins spawning them one. (I would assume a percentage of the pkt obtained with said whip has to be given to an admin to remove it from the economy but not 100% on this one.) I'm kind of sick of watching players quit because they get cleaned(sure it happens I would not mind if they had a fair chance at winning but most of the time they don't..) -Buffed whip or rigged seeds does not matter you can still beat them but just know you have a much much lower chance of actually beating them lol..
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