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  1. Posts killpics of lucky specs/spec + veng/axe camp hits - timings and tries to act good. I want to see 3,000 lucky specs/ spec + veng/ axe camp hits - timings before I ever call you even fucking decent at pking lol? Braindead monkey ive been at ::riskzone and you typically axe camp a fucking piss ton, do not sit there with your fucking piss tube wasting our time with your egotistical mind set you retard. I don't know k0ed but I know 1 thing I know a tryhard who requires backup at ::riskzone to watch and cheer him on and spam L0L0L0L0L0L0L0L when he red bars someone or has 40 butt pirates at his side when killing pvmers/skillers I sense a lack of self confidence/belonging on this server Such a shame
  2. ^ Biased view from a mass recruited clannie shitter who spent their time on rpkz sucking others off to feel relevant as if you even have a place on roatpkz for nothing more than a bit of riches and don't want your items dropping in price. Has nothing to do with you liking rarity of some customs has to do with if something like this were to be added, you would lose out on profit. Shame your dull mindset prevents you from looking at things from a general perspective and giving proper feedback to an idea, rather you would choose to disagree with anything that can hurt your wealth. Kinda fucking cringe
  3. I just love how solo players would grind their dicks off for enough pkt to buy Divine and when we were able to start tanking full clans and stealing their Skotizo/Jads is when it became a problem and retard clannie inbred fucks started bitching like a 12 year old girl... Fucking pussies
  4. Well if we do that Aelin I want a death cape with tiers as well 1k, 2.5k, 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k, 30k,
  5. If eventually max cape will be for only those with all 99s can we bring back the dragon cape, water and w.e green one was called to be put in place for needing 1k kills to wear them? This way 1,000 kills kinda has some meaning to it once again green best for range, blue best for mage, red best for melee need 1k kills to wear either of them. I think that would be a nice, or bring back old pk cape to replace max cape for 1k kills that would work too.
  6. ^ This inbred fr asking for divine to be removed even though he himself shall not enter said wilderness without a Divine at his side. Wow a fucking tryhard shitter finally gana make a sacrifice? God damn 2020 might not be as dog shit as thought for.
  7. Honestly Nerf arcane, spectral, elysian and divine to be dog shit so price drops. Then once prices are down to fuck all nothing make them spawnable so you don't have to give much pkt to the owners of said shields. Problem solved
  8. Nigga be complaining about current wild bosses drops but does not suggest buff to their drops but instead new wild bosses that drop some custom rsps fag shit. Nah homie take that shittery elsewhere fucking clown 1 Slap be like "Make new boss that my clan of retards can protect me while I farm the piss out of it and pl0z make it drop me some faancyyyy Pink dboots with pink scarf and pink royal! Mom always said I can be what ever I want to be and I choose to be the skid who runs around RoatPKZ lookin like the faggot I am" LOL piss off with that shit shitter This is the type of person Gretar would hand Server support to, clear sign of what direction RoatPKZ be going in and it sure aint up you would need more than a few bottles of Viagra to get that shit going up
  9. Then get ur dick away from me retard cus I aint that Yoobs faggot, retard changed my name to this fucking inbred. No one with a ounce of a functional brain left would ever like a dog shit swine like himself.
  10. Weird this would be the 9th time you acted big then I hopped in vc and you never showed up I even offered to walk my camera outside for you and ur bois and we all woulda gone on a walk. Accuse me of replying with useless shit but look whos tweaking, look whos making replies that take 2 seconds to make because your so fucking heated and you you've been fucked multiple times now because you said you probably killed me which you have not and I have almost 10,000 deaths so the fact you aint killed me yet further proves your irrelevant So PLEASE keep replying I beg of you I need something fun to do at 9PM you out here stressing meanwhile im chillin with all my friends wheres ur friends? Clan owner doesn't count shitter you won his 200k giveaway don't make you his friend retard your just his tool to get payments from Gretar for maintaining a clan on roatpkz. And you quote my reply every fucking time because your so damn insecure you need the person your shit talking to return because if they don't your ego just assumes you won some pissing contest on a forum no one even uses in 2020 lol fix up you fucking moron
  11. ? "Safe I Run" is my username please post 1 screen shot of my killpic, I never skilled in wilderness so guess your paranoia be kicking in and everyone around you is an FBI Nigger coming after ur corn flakes Don't reply unless you have a killpic of me you fucking swine Retard is such a fan of Lynch he had to make his forums account this year just to flame him. Something tells me your not all there pal?
  12. Problem is RoatPKZ does NOT have a player examine option like RS3 allowing people to see if an item is lent or not. So players being able to take lent items in wilderness would only be used to trick others into risking when others do not. This just will not work there is nothing that can be done, and nothing will be done Gretar is focusing on breast feeding clans and if your having trouble affording an item for a clue you are "REQUIRED" to join a clan so you might as well do that join a clan work ur way up by the time scrolls are dead fucking washed up content youll be at the point where the leader will hook you bank after you spend 5 months sucking his nutt sack. So Just do that you will get the items you need for your clue quicker than waiting for Gretar to make changes. Welcome to RoatPKZ and have a nice day
  13. Gretar: Let's add resource area upon the release of skilling so all players who want to skill can while at the same time give players more reason to PK.. ALSO GRETAR: Let's add clue scrolls that are obtained commonly at the resource area where profits are typically slow to goodish that the players will spend the 10k pkt they made in a week at resource area on boxes trying to protect their clue on death only to be ass fucked sideways with no fucking lube by us needing to spend 20k - 1m pkt on a nigger item to finish a clue we already blew 1 week savings on to keep. This would not be a problem but unfortunately not every player wants to suck hind tit of some washed up clan leader with a fag voice just for pkt gain on a private server. Fix up retards. Coulda had lag fixed, coulda had dead clicks fixed, Could had a new boss, coulda had new content not in wilderness to give solo players more of an edge But instead we get content that just made 49 players rage, up and fucking quit in past 2 days because they are now forced to join a shitter clan just to do anything with the new clue scroll content. Wish I could say I expected better from you Gretar but it's quite clear your letting someone else make the calls because you can't do shit on your own it's fucking embarrassing lol. I'm managing just fine with clues + items but we have a piss ton of solo players just fucking leaving. KNOW WHAT don't fix or change shit because maybe once all these solo players quit because of your stupidity your shitty ass host located in your fucking mud hut will be able to support the player base and lag will be gone. Idk nigga maybe that's your strategy at this point clean up the stragglers to fix lag. Your a fucking clown always have been...
  14. 1 problem, being here 8+ yrs I still don't know who you are? Keep acting like a fucking inbred you worthless shit stick
  15. Never owned a max set in my life now I know for a fact your mentally handicapped and your ego makes you think erratically you need to get back on your meds retard. No automatic rpkz pics are taken like that it does not work like that, I spent 49 hours trying to fuck up the auto screen shot for shits and giggles but can not be done. So stop acting retarded next time you say my name it's either to suck my dick or giving me grapes for breakfast fucking swine
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