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  1. the fuck u want with my humongous chungus u gay fuck I only bash SMACKD's smoking hot milf mother
  2. Just fyi I am a staking legend on Runescape kind sir, and I know about staking comebacks hahan I've dealt with them for years. I started this topic to talk about the rng and not staking . I only play this server for pking and this is what bothers me. If you are a true pker you would know the RNG system is garbage for this server. Everyone knows that.. There is plenty of complaints amongst pkers.. I can clearly see when I have 'good RNG' and when I have 'bad RNG'. I have streaks of fights where I continuously hit and streaks of fights where I cant stop hitting 0's lol. I have played countless of private servers and this one is by far the one with the worst RNG, no offense. Just the bullshit about getting hit through prayer every time with barrage prooves my point. I know you can't make a rsps perfect but atleast make an effort to fix something that is within your power.
  3. the rng system on this server is what makes it pretty garbage. Every barrage hits through protect, Dh axe doesnt hit as it should at low hp. Stake losing streaks can go up to 19 ( I legit had a 19 loss streak) . If Gretar can fix the rng system this server would b gold
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