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  1. Lol? Elaborate? Actually don’t. CBA wasting time w/you. If this english sounds like someone from “Syria” you should probably stop wasting your time on roat and take some highschool english courses late night mane. Yes Suor! Friendly neighborhood S W A T S remembers you
  2. I’m not saying you have to be an admin and I agree even then admins should not have access. I’m implying for you to figure it out yourself. Of course no one will take the time to do it & it’s easier to assume i’m someone else. At this point if no one wants to do it you can stay thinking i’m someone else. I can’t help you anymore.
  3. Thanks man! Going for 1K kills
  4. Hey y’all, Lately there has been some confusion, i’m here to clarify some things up. 1. I AM NOT ADAM. 2. I lent him atlaanta. That was MY account. 3. If y’all really wanna talk shit, back it up with an IP check. Unfortunately for all the haters you would be disappointed to find out there are two different IP addresses & I stay correct. I’m getting tired of people accusing me of being someone else. S/O to Adam for ruining my KDR though! (Jokes aside he was a nice guy.) -Your friendly neighbourhood S W A T S
  5. Thank you everyone who left suggestions, much appreciated. -Your friendly neighbourhood S W A T S
  6. Not really, there are many different mobs anda variety of new bosses being implemented into the game and I haven’t been keeping up. I’m wondering which mob/boss is good for pkp
  7. Seeing as how roat is changing and evolving to keep up with OSRS, I was wondering what are some good PVM methods for making PKP? This includes Slayer, Killing Mobs & Bossing.
  8. just saw this and a few other vids on ur channel, who were all thsoe girls from farewell gsltn? But nice vids tho. +1 #PotnoodledroppedUhOh
  9. As yall know, I have given my account "Atlaanta" away to "Adamzor" aka Adam, therefore I do not own it anymore. So from now on if you fight Atlaanta, and say shit like "cleared" "ez" etc... Its not me so DO NOT pm me on S W A T S with banter like that, or tag me in forums saying you cleared me! Secondly, As I have given the account Away, I will be most likely making a new forum account. Your friendly neighborhood, S W A T S.
  10. @Craig lml we dont sit behind def to tank our hits if we miss prays, sure 3 ways is easy but if you have people who switch fast you couldnt keep up. "random alt" nigga i aint no alt. nor do i hide behind one. Also never see you 1 def nh, go back to stakin and flaunting your max cash on a rsps, let alone a video game.
  11. lol @Craig goin off on a dead style yet its the hardest style to pk with, its only dead cuz not many can do it. Awks.
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