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  1. Finally got the sagacious specs! Gg
  2. Being from Aus also I feel obliged to say 1
  3. Cleaning bankai, Adamzor, kingpakii, gymlife to name a few, made 14m bank, then lost it all to smoothie who then lost it all to Joe denk rip
  4. You want a good lottery story? >bored on roat/no one staking >lottery ending soon 15k pot >adds 100k gl me >wins and gets 97k >cyicry
  5. I just sold 30 v sets to duhmayne for 8k each rip
  6. Gym life don't stress I'm doing my best to clean the eco also if you quit swing bank this way hahah
  7. If you mean light green I'll buy, if it's lime nty
  8. If you or anyone you know is interested in buying my candy cane pm me here or in game. Looking for around 2.2m, will take items/customs/pkp
  9. +1 for same weapon duelling, no switching. Claws, ags etc would be good fun
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