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  1. ml gudi

    hi smackd here

    That part save me from responcibles pls
  2. ml gudi

    hi smackd here

    I would but I never have time anymore I don't even play osrs anymore
  3. ml gudi

    hi smackd here

    @Killbob man I can't even quit without you tagging me in shit lmao and @PK Guy congrats
  4. @Gretar i'm appalled you didn't implement the purple helm :c
  5. ml gudi

    Reporting Gretar

    oi vet only thread who let contentblind on the thread no fair
  6. ml gudi

    Reporting Gretar

    Player has been dealt with, Thanks for the report!
  7. ml gudi

    Selling yelltag

    you've ruined a perfect chance to make an "x gonna give it to ya" meme me and @Tupac are very disappointed
  8. ml gudi

    A New Price Guide

    everyone needs to leave this man alone lmao dope guide @Diiaurei and if people kept up on the prices like zoradz used to no one would have to make guides or message staff about it you all play the game enough to know the prices you know them enough to tell new players when they join so learn to update the thread lmfao. Gudi out and @sophia not everyone only posts shit to try to get a position they'll never get like yourself and @Tesfxye jk arun big fana love the youterb verds best youtuber rank ing!
  9. ml gudi

    im here again

    #MakePvmGreatAgain oh and everyone's favorite mention of the year where is castlewars @Gretar #MakeMiniGamesGreatAgain
  10. ml gudi


    @John gang gang
  11. ml gudi


    it's not flat get over it
  12. ml gudi

    Client crash

    around 2-3 weeks ago i thought nothing of it until it became more consistent it happens randomly too like i'll tele somewhere and the client will freeze like it's trying to load and just stops doing anything same thing with trades it's weird
  13. ml gudi

    Client crash

    @Gretar i have had some client freeze's lately and that's never happened before and it's pretty often that it happens would look into why it's just freezing out of random