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  1. They promoted bind again? Yoobs v2? Ooooo kill em
  2. First of all no one forgets me mfer never will second I'm around every so often I am glad to be remembered in a post but we still out here
  3. Got my money on #Veterans winning #Og's obtain that grain gamers
  4. So now that we have more staff I'd like this report relooked at pls @Smackd @Fantastic @Gied4life @PK Guy @Killbob @Robes
  5. ml gudi

    Totally not spam

    Damn you killbob I don't even play anymore
  6. That part save me from responcibles pls
  7. I would but I never have time anymore I don't even play osrs anymore
  8. @Killbob man I can't even quit without you tagging me in shit lmao and @PK Guy congrats
  9. @Gretar i'm appalled you didn't implement the purple helm :c
  10. oi vet only thread who let contentblind on the thread no fair
  11. Player has been dealt with, Thanks for the report!
  12. you've ruined a perfect chance to make an "x gonna give it to ya" meme me and @Tupac are very disappointed
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