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  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL damn you're the most sneaky bitch i have ever seen! You guys got his ip from teamspeak
  2. Is having autism also a requirement? Because every member in the clan has it right now.
  3. Having a VPN should be a requirement LOL!!
  4. RIP hyb.. Thats what you get for atking me lol
  5. Thanks bro will do
  6. Alright but i didn't have this before ;o i think i got it after last update
  7. Hello, my client freezes like 3 times per hour now, didn't have this issue before. Anyone knows how to fix this?
  8. Why are your ego's so big? I mean why show off killpics to make each other mad lol! Can't you just be sportive and act nice to each other? damn...
  9. I tried kodai today and i still couldn't hit higher then 30, also tried it on dummy after and it said my max hit was 30 with magic @Gretar @Affliction
  10. Guthix magers are broken right now. Is the +15% dmg of kodai working yet? Edit: Tried out the kodai and it isn't working
  11. Yeah it takes me around 6 hours to get 1000 points at night. In those 1000 kills i had 2 kodai drops and i bought one with the 1000 points.
  12. Kodai goes for max 5k right now, never 10k. I sold mine for 3,5k because it took a while for me to try to sell it for 5. Btw the price of the kodai won't go back to 20-30k because it's really easy to get one right now. It takes around 6 hours to get the points to buy one, if you have some luck you will also get one as a drop in those 1000 kills. No way it will be 20-30k.
  13. It use to be spawnable and it was fucking OP. 1k is fine. I don't want to see every1 do the ags to gmaul combo lol, pking would ruined.
  14. You don't realise the kodai ward is broken? the max hit with it is 30. The +15% dmg doesn't work! it's useless righ now untill it gets fixed
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