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  1. gtfo with a 1 min video make me waist my time
  2. yeah sorrie i was high asfuck and too happy i went pk str8 away
  3. i just got my account back and i notice that the hacker drop all my pets exept the phoenix can i get them back took me alot of time to get callisto heron squirile kbd chaos ele racoon if u cant ty anyway im happy to have my acc back its more them kbd pets that kill me hearth
  4. the account is online right now the fuckin hacker is on he just say that im saying bullshit how then he got my acc and not the forums account i got post from 1 year this guy is a pleb some 1 do something b4 i find his ip and meet him irl
  5. ok i just did it hope its work
  6. i can show the reciep of the transaction i did too man its my account
  7. hi im k0 for sex i did multiple post on this forums and i played alot roats i tryed to log on my account its make 2 month some 1 changed the password and put a security number i can prouf its my account i got some email from microbit that i bought from youuu i want my account back i spend so much time in in please neeed help i got all the kill pick the one is on k0 for sex is a hacker
  8. what u mean mean took me alot of time hahaha :()
  9. https://gyazo.com/67cf8f7aa7c359b9dfe6ffc2882c34dc
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